Download Dress Up Games

Let lovely chef Oti teach you all about cooking a super tasty cranberry turkey and about putting together a lovely chic Thanksgiving table decor as well!
   Play Cranberry Turkey     Download Thumb - cranberry-turkey.jpg     Download Swf - cranberry-turkey.swf
Help this tiny mouse solve all these tricky math puzzles here, thus allowing him to eat lots of cheese and to grow strong enough to escape from this lab!
   Play Lab Mouse     Download Thumb - lab-mouse.jpg     Download Swf - lab-mouse.swf
Be this ravishing teen's fashion stylist and beauty expert getting her that fabulous winter perfect, upgraded look to defy the cold weather to come with!
   Play Winter at the Spa     Download Thumb - winter-at-the-spa.jpg     Download Swf - winter-at-the-spa.swf
Style up these gorgeous Hollywood lovebirds here, helping them look fabulous, simply ravishing, at this movie awards ceremony that they'll attend this very evening!
   Play Celebrity Couple     Download Thumb - celebrity-couple.jpg     Download Swf - celebrity-couple.swf
Get all the inspiration that you need for upgrading your autumn wardrobe scanning though this dashing young girl's lovely chic, pastel colored, highly feminine outfits!
   Play Pastel Autumn Trends     Download Thumb - pastel-autumn-trends.jpg     Download Swf - pastel-autumn-trends.swf
Help this adorable froggy here join her friends on the the shore, jumping from one water lily to another, answering to all these fun, tricky math questions!
   Play Froggy Jumps     Download Thumb - froggy-jumps.jpg     Download Swf - froggy-jumps.swf
Get this charming young teacher that ladylike chic, formal stylish look that will help her impress all her pupils the instant she walks into the classroom today!
   Play The Math Teacher     Download Thumb - the-math-teacher.jpg     Download Swf - the-math-teacher.swf
Fashionize this charming young model and get her the magazine cover girl look that will have that "wow" effect on all the magazine's fashion-addict buyers!
   Play November Cover Girl     Download Thumb - november-cover-girl.jpg     Download Swf - november-cover-girl.swf
Are you ready to impress this cute cat mathematician here with your super skills at doing different types of math operations? Then start solving all those exercises!
   Play Cat Math     Download Thumb - cat-math.jpg     Download Swf - cat-math.swf
Scan through this charming fairy's glam-spooky costumes and dazzling, eye-catching accessories and get her a stylish-scary Halloween fashion look!
   Play The Halloween Fairy     Download Thumb - the-halloween-fairy.jpg     Download Swf - the-halloween-fairy.swf
Lovely chef Oti's is ready to unveil to you some of her Halloween special treat cooking! Are you ready to bake and decorate a... spooky cake with her?
   Play Spooky Cake     Download Thumb - spooky-cake.jpg     Download Swf - spooky-cake.swf
The party is about to begin, so hurry up and decorate a truly spectacular, eye-temptingly looking five layers cake to surprise the lucky birthday girl with!
   Play Five Layers Cake     Download Thumb - five-layers-cake.jpg     Download Swf - five-layers-cake.swf
Add the "key" ingredient to this pretty cook's recipe: fashion! Scan through her chic outfits and adorably cute cook accessories and get her a top stylish chef fashion look!
   Play Stylish Chef     Download Thumb - stylish-chef.jpg     Download Swf - stylish-chef.swf
Add some chicness and preciosity to this lovely teen girl's already so very special tea enjoying time, pulling off some ladylike chic, exquisite fashion looks for her!
   Play Leisurely Teatime Dress Up     Download Thumb - leisurely-teatime-dress-up.jpg     Download Swf - leisurely-teatime-dress-up.swf
Take your job as a magazine fashion editor really seriously and use your talent for styling up this gorgeous supermodel here for the cover of this month's issue!
   Play October Cover Girl     Download Thumb - october-cover-girl.jpg     Download Swf - october-cover-girl.swf
Exercise your skills for helping this caring mama bird here keep her beloved baby bird well fed and happy, joining her on her thrilling hunting sessions!
   Play Birds     Download Thumb - birds-nest.jpg     Download Swf - birds-nest.swf
Scan through all these goofy-faced cookies, cutie cute cupcakes and yummy cakes and see what super funny looking dessert you can pull off!
   Play Crazy Cookie Cooking     Download Thumb - crazy-cookie-cooking.jpg     Download Swf - crazy-cookie-cooking.swf
You can't call yourself a true pies "addict" until you haven't learned to cook the yummiest of them all: cherry pie! Get behind the kitchen counter and start... baking!
   Play Fun Cooking Cherry Pie     Download Thumb - fun-cooking-cherry-pie.jpg     Download Swf - fun-cooking-cherry-pie.swf
Seize the chance of getting inspired by this lovely teen girl's autumn wardrobe featuring lots and lots of lovely chic fashion items, all in fall's gorgeous colors!
   Play Foliage Fashion     Download Thumb - foliage-fashion.jpg     Download Swf - foliage-fashion.swf
How about turning the prettiest teacher in school into the most stylish one, too? Scan through her elegant knee-length skirts, silk blouses and ladylike accessories!
   Play Dress My Teacher Up     Download Thumb - dress-my-teacher-up.jpg     Download Swf - dress-my-teacher-up.swf