Download Dress Up Games

Come up with some winning fashion looks for this lovely teen girl here and upgrade them with the right vibes of edginess adding the perfect leather accents, too!
   Play Leather Fashion Motifs     Download Thumb - leather-fashion-motifs.jpg     Download Swf - leather-fashion-motifs.swf
It's time to prove that you're that super skillful little helper that cute Easter bunny could rely on this year during his challenging Easter eggs hunt mission!
   Play Easter Bunny Egg Collector     Download Thumb - easter-bunny-egg-collector.jpg     Download Swf - easter-bunny-egg-collector.swf
This bunny sweetie here is counting on you to help her look her best on Easter Day, so style her up mixing and matching some of her most stylish outfits and accessories!
   Play Easter Bunny Beauty     Download Thumb - easter-bunny-beauty.jpg     Download Swf - easter-bunny-beauty.swf
Lend this cute Easter bunny here a helping hand at attending to all this lovely fruit resto's animal customers and at earning enough lovely Easter special eggs!
   Play Easter Bunny Egg Rush     Download Thumb - easter-bunny-egg-rush.jpg     Download Swf - easter-bunny-egg-rush.swf
Work your table setting skills for helping cute Amy give the very best impression to the little guests she's invited over to her house, nicely displaying all the foodies on the table!
   Play Delish Dish     Download Thumb - delish-dish.jpg     Download Swf - delish-dish.swf
Style up this lovely bride to be here and get her the look of a dazzling... spring nymph to sport on her dreamlike wedding scheduled for the cherry blossoming time!
   Play Spring Bloom Bride     Download Thumb - spring-bloom-bride.jpg     Download Swf - spring-bloom-bride.swf
Dust off your apron and step into charming chef Oti's kitchen, then follow all her priceless indications that will help you bake a... mouth-watering carrot cake!
   Play Oti     Download Thumb - oti-s-carrot-cake.jpg     Download Swf - oti-s-carrot-cake.swf
Help this sweetie celebrate spring in... great style, mixing and matching her girly cute, flouncy dresses, girly skirts, tops and colorful springy accessories!
   Play Spring Sensations     Download Thumb - spring-sensations.jpg     Download Swf - spring-sensations.swf
Beautify, style up and glam up this dashing young lady here, getting her a classy elegant, ladylike look to steal the spotlight with at this fancy cocktail party!
   Play Fancy Lady with Cocktail     Download Thumb - fancy-lady-with-cocktail.jpg     Download Swf - fancy-lady-with-cocktail.swf
Get daring, get bold as a fashion stylist and come up with some statement jungle-inspired fashion looks for this model here to wear in front of the camera!
   Play Jungle Fashion     Download Thumb - jungle-fashion.jpg     Download Swf - jungle-fashion.swf
Would you help this charming young lady, passionate about travelling, pack her chicest outfits and accessories for her next dream trip to the ultimate capital of fashion: Paris?
   Play Girl Travels the World     Download Thumb - girl-travels-the-world.jpg     Download Swf - girl-travels-the-world.swf
Rely on your amazing creativity as an interior designer for getting this VIP room a new fabulous, luxuriously chic look mixing and matching all these decor items!
   Play VIP Room     Download Thumb - vip-room.jpg     Download Swf - vip-room.swf
Accept the invitation to these lovely animals' "spot the difference" themed party, at the zoo, and dazzle them all away with your amazing detective skills!
   Play Party at the Zoo     Download Thumb - party-at-the-zoo.jpg     Download Swf - party-at-the-zoo.swf
Work your magic on this spring princess here and, scanning through all her ravishing gowns, dazzling jewels and lovely flower tiaras, get her a superb springy look!
   Play Spring Princess     Download Thumb - spring-princess.jpg     Download Swf - spring-princess.swf
Help this mommy bake all those delicious, differently flavored pies to her kids and their best friends, too, are super eager to spoil their taste buds with!
   Play Mother     Download Thumb - mother-s-pie.jpg     Download Swf - mother-s-pie.swf
Style up Barbie for that extravagant VIP party hat she's been invited to getting her the a fabulous, fancy posh fashion look to steal the spotlights with!
   Play Barbie Party Dress-Up     Download Thumb - barbie-party-dress-up.jpg     Download Swf - barbie-party-dress-up.swf
Here comes the sun and a new busy day for this cute bee here! Would you like to help her look prettier and chicer than ever on her next honey collecting mission?
   Play Sweet Honey Bee     Download Thumb - sweet-honey-bee.jpg     Download Swf - sweet-honey-bee.swf
Working in one of the fanciest, most elegant restaurants in town is serious business. All these couples coming in will expect you to attend to them...asap!
   Play Dinner Date     Download Thumb - dinner-date.jpg     Download Swf - dinner-date.swf
Show off your love for cute pooches by turning this little fellow here into this cute couple's dream puppy! Get him a spotless clean, well groomed look!
   Play Puppy Love     Download Thumb - puppy-love.jpg     Download Swf - puppy-love.swf
Step into fabulous Kim Kardashian's dressing room and get her styled up for the spotlights mixing and matching her top stylish fashion items!
   Play Kimmy Fashionista     Download Thumb - kimmy-fashionista.jpg     Download Swf - kimmy-fashionista.swf