Puppy Love

Can you guess how this super cute couple is planning to mark Valentine's Day this year? By adopting a... puppy! Isn’t that lovely? Now imagine that you're the owner of the doggy shelter and the one facilitating the meeting between these two charming lovebirds and their future pet. Make sure you introduce them a well groomed, spotless clean doggy, pampering the onscreen cutie with all the best dog hygiene products available for you in the puppy love animal care game!

Which one of the two adorable pooches on your screen would you like to groom first? Once you've taken this quite difficult decision, it's time to give the little one a well deserved warm bath! Apply the doggy shampoo all over his tiny body, covering him up in foam from head to paw, then once you've gently massaged it into his skin and removed all the dirt, make sure to rinse it off using the onscreen head shower you have there. Great! Is this like the cutest game of all the new animal care games that you've tried recently or what? Next, make sure you towel dry the little pooch lest he should catch a nasty cold! There you go, you would make a great doggy owner! This is just the beginning, for the next levels to come will surprise you with new and new puppy grooming steps to take. You'll see that this is nothing like other dull new animal care games that you might have played! You might have to use conditioner, too, and not just shampoo, to make the cute little one's fur incredibly soft or you might as well have to keep in mind to apply some doggy flea powder, too, before you introduce him to his future loving owners, turning it into their best Valentine's Day present. You might have to brush his teeth, too, to trim his nails and so on, so that his future owners should not have any second of hesitation and pick him, out of all the doggies in the shelter, for being not just a super cute puppy, but a so very polished, perfectly groomed one, too!

Would you like to test your grooming skills on other equally lovely pooches and other type of cute pets, too? Well, then you've come to the right place, for on Rainbowdressup we're hosting only the most engaging, so very adorable animal care games available online!

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