Cranberry Turkey

How about surprising your dear ones with a really, really special Thanksgiving dinner this year? What would be more touching and what could more easily leave them mouth-opened than a super delicious special Thanksgiving dish cooked by... you and you only? Since this traditional holiday is just around the corner, you'd better start perfecting your cooking skills lest you should let our family down, playing the cranberry turkey cooking game and digging up all the amazing cooking tricks hidden behind this recipe!

Chef Oti's here to lend you a helping hand, for she's a true master chef when it comes to cooking this special turkey dish! Start with the basic such as... pulling the feathers off your turkey's skin and getting it ready for the seasoning part. Pluck those feathers one by one by simply clicking on them and next... ensure its great flavor and amazing taste by rubbing in the right spices. Pour some olive oil first, then add the indicated spices such as salt, pepper and other much more aromatic ones. Put your turkey into the preheated oven then and next... focus upon the cranberry sauce's cooking process, too. Is this like one of the most inspiring Thanksgiving turkey cooking games that you've ever tried or what? Still, before you get there, make sure to remove the rotten fruitties from that pile of fresh, yummy looking cranberries. Place your cursor on them so that you can easily spot the rotten ones hidden there. Then, pour the right ingredients into the saucepan you have there, after you've turned on the oven, of course, and keep stirring till you've cooked your yummy, yummy special sauce. I'm talking here about ingredients such as the tasty frutties you've just prepared, about a few spoons of sugar, about fresh water and so on. Once both your Thanksgiving turkey and your cranberry sauce are ready, put your table decorations skills to work, as well. I hope you did not expect it to be another one of those Thanksgiving turkey cooking games which challenge only your cooking talent now did you? Carefully pick the plate's design, go for for a mouth-watering plate of fruits, as well, select the chicest plateau for the main star of this Thanksgiving table, the yummy roasted turkey, make sure the table cloth and the napkins' colors complement each other, in one word pay attention to every little detail that could make the difference between a common Thanksgiving family dinner and a... memorable, special one!

If you want to learn some other great cooking tips and tricks till the great event, feel free to sweep through our entire Thanksgiving turkey cooking games collection and to learn other great recipes, too, that could help you impress your family on Thanksgiving this year!

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