Delish Dish

Lovely Amy's hosting a daytime party today, you know! That's right, all her elementary school classmates will be attending it and therefore her mommy, her dear granny and even her elder sister have spent lots and lots of hours in the kitchen doing their best to cook the most finger-licking good foodies to impress Amy's tiny guests with. Now, she would very much like to help so she's thinking about bringing her contribution by setting a nice table décor and nicely displaying all those yum, yum dishes that her loving mom, granny and sis have prepared for her lovely party, so... would you care to help her out with that playing the Delish Dish food decoration game?

You should know that sweet Amy would really, really want to stun her friends from school and really surprise them with her super party and, for achieving this, dazzling them with a spectacular, jaw-dropping table décor is a must. This means that you need to pay attention to details such as... the table cloth's selection, for instance! You'll that it's the exquisite details that make all the difference between food decoration games and “the best food decoration games”! Once this very first major step has been taken, let the tasty dishes' parade begin! Put together a mouth-watering looking turkey or maybe an maxi size pizza with a large bowl of soup, add some tasty hamburgers and hot dogs, too, don't forget to place a big plate of spaghetti, as well, on the table, the kids will surely love it and next: indulge in browsing through the irresistible sweets' collection, too! Feel free to ornate the living room table with lots of colorful biscuits, chocolate cookies, yummy doughnuts, eye-tempting doughnuts and delicious slices of cakes and then, so that the feast should be complete: scan through the seafood specialties, too, and see which ones of them would be most likely to impress the little guests the moment they enter the door. Don't forget about the cutlery, while enjoying one of the best food decoration games online, making sure to pair them perfectly with the tablecloth’s and the plates' color and pattern, about the glasses of fruit juices and milk, about the cups of hot chocolate, too, relying on your decoration skills for mixing and matching them and displaying them on the table so that they best harmonize with all the other foodies there. Enjoy!

Do I sense a choosy player, one who always goes only for the best food decoration games online? Then expect to find only the top rated ones of them on Rainbowdressup, all gathered up here so that you can exercise your outstanding decoration skill with! Have fun!

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