November Cover Girl

This dashing young model has already passed the first major, challenging test: she's been selected from thousands of equally lovely looking teen models to appear on the cover of one of the best sold glossy magazines in the whole world! Now, as for the second major test that she'll take, that of impressing all the future buyers, all the highly picky fashion critiques, with her fabulous, highly stylish, glam-gorgeous look, she depends totally on you for this challenge here. Play the November cover girl dress up game and help this dazzling teen beauty queen steal the spotlight from the cover of this super famous fashion magazine!

There's nothing that could instantly get her look from pretty to... fabulous, like a new fancy, attention-grabbing hairstyle, wouldn't you agree? Now, are you ready to get dazzled by all the gorgeous hairdos that this game here easily stands out from the crowd of magazine cover girl dress up games online with? Then, you should consider starting her model makeover with the selection ofa gorgeous hairdo. Go for a trendy haircut with a romantic twist, opting for a curly short-length haircut, then pick a vivid red wavy slightly retro-chic hairdo, then get her a gorgeous, stylish bob haircut and finally decide which one best frames and highlights her stunning features. As for the stylish designer outfit that she'll wear during this major photo shoot, you could dress her up in a glamorous, V-neck golden gown or maybe a lovely chic puff sleeve blouse or rather a pretty, sequined peter pan collared cardigan, it's your choice. Next, continue with the selection of all those exquisite accessories that will add a touch of preciosity and glittery refinement to her look. Go for a lovely, colorful head accessory, either a fancy feathery one or a nice sparkly golden one, then look for the perfect earrings and the perfect, eye-catching, resplendent designer necklace, too. If cover girl dress up games are one of your top favorite types of fashion dress up games, you will certainly place this game among your top favorite ones! Next, you'll need to put together that cover girl make-up look that would best highlight her natural beauty and best complete her stylish fashion look! Highlight her gorgeous eyes with a touch of eyeliner and a stroke of mascara, go for a peachy or rosy blush, too, then carefully pick the lipstick color that would finish off her make-up look. Daring red or candy pink? There you have it now: the stunning, fabulous cover girl fashion look that's sure to have that “wow” effect on all this worldwide known magazine'a future buyers!

Now don't think that this is it, that you won't find any other cover girl dress up games similar to this one here, which would get your talent as a make-up artist and your amazing skills as a fashion stylist challenged to the maximum! We're hosting plenty of other equally awesome games that will help you play the role of a young fashion editor, you know!

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