Sweet Honey Bee

Once the very first snowdrops shyly start to pierce the snow, once the weather tends to get sunnier and warmer and you can feel a scent of spring in the air, you can definitely hear this busy bee here buzzing all day long. That's right, she has no time to rest, being head over heels busy with her honey collecting mission, but even so, she would never ever start her flower pollination sessions before she's not certain that she looks so very fashionably chic and pretty! How about you being her fashion adviser today, while enjoying the sweet honey bee dress up game, helping her flutter her wings in the spring sun looking lovelier than ever?

I have to “warn” you though that this sweet looking bee lady's wardrobe is... incredibly chic and oh so very cuuute! Check out her lovely girly dresses for instance. A quick look will be enough for you to realize that this is one of those animal dress up games online loaded with amazingly cute chic girly fashion! Could you easily make up your mind whether her pretty ruffled candy pink dress or maybe her stars-patterned baby doll flouncy one best highlights her bee cuteness? Don't stop here, for there are lovely chic blouses tops scan through and super pretty miniskirts and little pants to take into consideration. How about dressing up your new bee friend with a chic ribbon top paired with a mint green girly full skirt and then style up her already so very lovely chic look with some adorable tiny ribbons shoes and some sweet chic customized antennas, too? Isn't she lovely? Isn't this like one of the cutest animal dress up games you've ever tried? Set your creativity free and come up with another possible winning cuteness-packed fashion combos for her: a rosy pink baby doll puff sleeve blouse paired with some cherry red pants and some dazzling sheer colored little bee wings for instance! Don't forget to get her a matching, chic little bucket, too, which will help her carry all the yummy honey and... be the chicest lady insect in the forest!

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