Dancing Games

Whether you're a natural born dancer or musician or, on the contrary, you sometimes miss the beat and cannot manage to hit the right notes, you will be having so much fun playing these online dance and music games, there's no doubt! You'll have like the cutest, most talented dance choreographers and music trainers at your disposal, so all you need to do is pay attention to their indications, use your mouse accordingly and just let yourself go with the rhythm!

It's time that you won your title of the most talented dancing queen and to impress everyone with your skills at playing a musical instrument. The one and only Honey is here to guide your first steps on great music rhythms, the best hip hop dancers can't wait to give you their first great dancing lessons, once you start playing the “Hip Hop Don't Stop” game, and the cutest canary and the lovelies monkey, one of the most famous jungle musicians are here, too, to help you hit the right notes and play a musical instrument like no other! Let your talent come to the surface, while guided be all these cute dance and music teachers, and enjoy your lessons playing online dance and music games!

You'll get to witness the musical piggy in one of his major music rehearsals before a super important concert and you'll even get to accompany him and make such a great duo while playing the “Musical Piggy” game, then you'll get full access to the king of pop's backstage rehearsals and learn some of his amazing, famous dancing tricks playing the “Micheal Jackson Dance Game”, then you'll get a front row ticket to the sweetest golden canary's recital while playing the “Music Melody Game”. You may be a new little Mozart or maybe a young super talented dancer and you don't event know it! You could also dig up other secret skills of yours trying some lovely cooking games or even some fun-filled make up games, for there might be a talented chef or a super skillful make up artist, too, hiding inside you!

Since all these amazing pet musicians and incredibly talented dancers have gathered especially for you, mind you don't keep them waiting too long! Start playing all our dance and music games and try copying all their dancing moves and instrument playing techniques!After you've proved to yourself that you have all the right skills for winning the title of the best dancer in the online world, how about checking out if you have what it takes to be the new pool and shooting champion online, too? Play some challenging pool games and shooting games and test your precision and accuracy!

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