Crab and Shrimp Cocktail

Instead of going for one of her famous, but already so very common, tea parties, lovely Amy's decided to invite over her closest friends and organize a fun... crab and shrimp cocktail party! She's been really busy preparing all the most finger-liking delicious foodies, but now she's having trouble selecting the yummiest of them all and then mixing and matching them in an eye-tempting table décor. Would you help her with that?

A single look at some of cute chef Amy's deliciously looking crab and shrimp specialties and you'll find yourself incapable of making up your mind. It will instantly strike you that this might just be one of the most challenging new food decoration games online, even for a creative decorator like you! Go through all the yummy shrimp plateaus, continue then with the crab plateaus' category and rely on your skills as a decorator for pairing the most eye-tempting ones of them. As if they had not been already so very irresistibly looking already, you still have other type of dishes to choose from and place on Amy's table. Decide upon a yummy bowl of soup, which will go amazing with the seafood, then go for a tasty, mouth-watering dessert, too, either a delicious fruits and heavy cream cake or maybe some tasty cookies. Don't neglect the importance of all those apparently insignificant non-foodie little details that... make all the difference. Carefully consider your knives and spoons' selections, the tablecloth's choice, as well, for they will be the ones that will add the final notes of chicness to Amy's crab and shrimp cocktail table décor. As a new food decoration games “expert”, you will surely love getting challenged to show off your keen eye for details! Would you go for a sheer mint-green colored tablecloth to contrast with the bright red crab? Would you select some glittery golden-hued cutlery, for a touch of luxury, or rather some silver ones?

Quite gifted as a decorator and you feel like sharpening your talent and exploring your creativity even more? Then how about enjoying our entire free food decoration games collection then and not just this fun game here?

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