Bright Make-up

This gorgeous young lady's about to attend the glamorous Golden Globes awards ceremony so... you can just imagine how stressful getting ready for those “merciless” cameras and striving to compete with all the other astonishing red carpet goddesses can get! Help her stand out from the crowd with a... dramatic, fabulous-sophisticated make-up look getting the bright make-up game started!

Which is going to be the focus point? Her gorgeous lips or rather her big beautiful eyes? As a talented make-up artist and already a make up games online 2014 “expert”, you must already be so very familiarized with this dilemma! Depending on this major decision, come up with the perfect vivid, eye-catching and yet super refined make-up look to enhance her natural beauty with. You could help her flirt with the camera applying a sharply colored, shimmery eyeshadow, a stroke of mascara, too, to nicely define her lashes and a touch of nude glossy lipstick as well. If you're a “dramatic red lips” fan, you could go on and get her look instantly glamed up and “red carpet ready” applying a vivid lipstick color and maybe a touch of peachy or rosy blush, too. She'll instantly look as a glam-sophisticated, classy retro diva ready to gracefully strike her poses and flaunt her gorgeous smile in front of the camera and you'll instantly draw the conclusion that this sure is one of the most creativity-challenging make up games online 2014? Then, once you've added that touch of glamor to her natural beauty, go on and help her select out of all those stunning, super stylish designer gowns that she's already picked for this majestic Golden Globes ceremony! An haute couture, fashion-forward tall collared evening dress or maybe a bold red ruffle gown or a superb, diaphanous one-shoulder chiffon dress are just some of the gowns that you get to dress her up with. Which will the the final one, the one that best pairs with that gorgeous make-up look that you've just pulled offfor her, the one who'll help her win her “beauty and fashion queen of the red carpet” crown at this major ceremony? A chic hairdo, either a lovely, so very feminine side chignon or a sophisticated updo, a non-conformist cute chic tomboyish short haircut or an elegant ponytail will surely turn into that final touch of exquisite personal style that will instantly upgrade and style up her red carpet look.

From all the make-up games online 2014 available for you these days, this game here must definitely be the one that will boost your creativity as a make-up artist and dare you to come up with some of the most bold, magnetizing make-up looks you've ever pulled off!

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