Santa's Little Helpers

Everyone's working really, really hard, in Santa's toy factory these days, all his lovely elves are doing their best to select the right toys and wrap each one as lovely cute as possible, but they seem to be needing a new helper to join them. Would you like to be Santa's new reliable elf? See if you could make it as a elf in his fairytale-like factory getting the Santa's little helpers management game started and impressing good old Santa with your Christmas presents wrapping super skills!

Don't think that you will be putting together Christmas gifts, that you will be throwing in all kinds of toys, randomly! No sir, you need to pay great attention to the image popping up on Santa's bright red sack right there, on the right bottom corner of your screen! Don't think that this is one of those Christmas management games that are just cute and... not at all challenging! That helpful imagine there, on the Santa's sack, will feature the exact type of cute toy that you need to select and the exact type of Christmassy decoration, the lovely patterned gift box and the lovely colored ribbon to choose, as well. So, each time Santa will be pushing the Christmas candy-shaped handle there, one of his magic toy factory's components, one of those lovely striped tubes you have there will get highlighted and you'll know that you need to press the button corresponding to a specific toy, then the box or the Christmas decoration that you need to select for putting together the target Christmas present. Is it a cute baby doll there on Santa's sack? Click the right button for releasing the lovely dolly. Is it a lovely Christmassy wreath that she's holding in her tiny hands? Is this like one of the truly... magical Christmas management games released into the online these days or what? Make sure to select it once the pretty doll reaches the next striped huge tube. Are you supposed to get it wrapped in a lovely vivid green gift box or a chic checker one? Should it get nicely adorned with a golden yellow or strawberry red ribbon? Each time you make a bad selection, you'll be losing one life, one of those tiny brownish little hearts you have there, on the top left side of your screen. Do your best to make the best impression to Santa, earn the right be become the new member of his team of efficient little helpers and you'll be helping him spread the Christmas spirit all over the globe on Christmas Eve!

Can't you have enough of Christmas management games these days? Well, then what would you say about... getting into that cheerful Christmas mood enjoying other ones, too, right here, on Rainbowdressup?

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