Download Dress Up Games

This goofy cute turkey here is getting ready for Thanksgiving and he'd very much love to show up at the traditional family dinner sporting a new rainbow-like, funky look!
   Play Rainbow Turkey     Download Thumb - rainbow-turkey.jpg     Download Swf - rainbow-turkey.swf
Step into the magic iceland and get ready to fashionize one of the truly dazzling beauties living here, getting her a dreamlike frosty look!
   Play Frozen Princess     Download Thumb - frozen-princess.jpg     Download Swf - frozen-princess.swf
Dig through this mademoiselle's chic wardrobe and fancy statement umbrellas collection, too, and put them together in some winning fashion looks for rainy days!
   Play My Umbrella     Download Thumb - my-umbrella.jpg     Download Swf - my-umbrella.swf
Scan through all these mouth-watering fruity jam-topped desserts, through the chic cutlery, too, and pull off a lovely, eye-tempting food table setting!
   Play Fruit Jams     Download Thumb - fruit-jams.jpg     Download Swf - fruit-jams.swf
Today it's her this lovely young lady's very first day as a school teacher, you know! How about boosting her self-confidence by getting her a polished, preppy chic look?
   Play The School Teacher     Download Thumb - the-school-teacher.jpg     Download Swf - the-school-teacher.swf
Get inspired by this lovely mademoiselle's ladylike chic, elegant and nonetheless warm autumn fashion items as you style her up for a nice walk in the park!
   Play Autumn Lady     Download Thumb - autumn-lady.jpg     Download Swf - autumn-lady.swf
Be lovely chef Oti's helping hand as she bakes some yum yum spooky-cute looking Halloween cookies for her trick-or-treaters! Prepare the dough, then...
   Play Oti     Download Thumb - oti-s-halloween-cookies.jpg     Download Swf - oti-s-halloween-cookies.swf
This bride to be here is decided to leave all her wedding guests mouth-opened with her Gothic-glam, edgy-punk Halloweenish look! Would you be her stylist?
   Play Halloween Punk Wedding     Download Thumb - halloween-punk-wedding.jpg     Download Swf - halloween-punk-wedding.swf
Step into kittens' daycare and turn yourself into these sweet bundles of fur's loving nanny! Be quick to feed and to groom the adorable kitties whenever they ask you to!
   Play Sweet Kitty Care     Download Thumb - sweet-kitty-care.jpg     Download Swf - sweet-kitty-care.swf
Unleash all your creativity as a cupcake decorator as you mix and match lovely cupcake wrappers, yummy cupcakes, tasty frostings and adorable toppers!
   Play Creamy Dreamy Cupcakes     Download Thumb - creamy-dreamy-cupcakes.jpg     Download Swf - creamy-dreamy-cupcakes.swf
Turn this young actress here into a stunning, red carpet goddess enhancing her natural beauty with a fabulous, picture-perfect make-up look! Apply a coat of mascara, then...
   Play Celebrity Make-Up     Download Thumb - celebrity-make-up.jpg     Download Swf - celebrity-make-up.swf
Work your magic on this sweet firefly fairy here and get her a dazzling, fantasy fashion look, helping her set herself apart from all the other glowing fireflies tonight!
   Play Firefly Fairy     Download Thumb - firefly-fairy.jpg     Download Swf - firefly-fairy.swf
Style up this cute squirrel here digging through its chic little sporty, girly outfits and adorable accessories and turn it into the chicest animal in the forest!
   Play Sweet Squirrel     Download Thumb - sweet-squirrel.jpg     Download Swf - sweet-squirrel.swf
Be the two gorgeous Jenner sisters', Kendall and Kylie, personal fashion stylist and glam them up for the spotlights, scanning through their fabulous wardrobes!
   Play Kendall and Kylie     Download Thumb - kendall-and-kylie.jpg     Download Swf - kendall-and-kylie.swf
Be the boxtrolls' fashion stylist and give these two goofy monsters some funky chic looks! Start by picking some funny-looking hats, then some cool haircuts...
   Play Trolls in the Box     Download Thumb - trolls-in-the-box.jpg     Download Swf - trolls-in-the-box.swf
Fashionize your model and get her ready to step on one of the New York Fashion Week catwalks, getting her a fabulous haute couture look to impress the audience with!
   Play Fashion Week Trends     Download Thumb - fashion-week-trends.jpg     Download Swf - fashion-week-trends.swf
Boost this gorgeous teen girl's self confidence with a stunning red carpet alike fashion look that will help her impress her idol with! Look through her haute couture gowns, then...
   Play Girl Direction     Download Thumb - girl-direction.jpg     Download Swf - girl-direction.swf
Help this cute little girl put together a lovely chic table setting and a yum yum vegan dinner for her mommy and daddy! Pick the tastiest foodies, then...
   Play Vegan Dinner     Download Thumb - vegan-dinner.jpg     Download Swf - vegan-dinner.swf
Help this teen beauty queen impress that cute boy in her school with her new jaw-dropping selfie! Come up with a gorgeous make-up look, then fashionize her, as well!
   Play Selfie Makeover     Download Thumb - selfie-makeover.jpg     Download Swf - selfie-makeover.swf
Get inspired by this lovely young lady's black and orange fashion collection and pull off some top stylish, head-turning looks for her, all in her two top favorite colors!
   Play Black and Orange     Download Thumb - black-and-orange.jpg     Download Swf - black-and-orange.swf