Download Dress Up Games

Liven up this sweetie's bathtub with splashes of candy colors and tones of chicness expressing your creativity as a decorator!
   Play Baby Bathtub     Download Thumb - baby-bathtub.jpg     Download Swf - baby-bathtub.swf
Exercise your skills as a make-up artist on sweet Ariana Grande herself, enhancing her natural beauty with the right make-up look!
   Play Ariana Grande Makeup     Download Thumb - ariana-grande-makeup.jpg     Download Swf - ariana-grande-makeup.swf
Do you love muffins! Then you'd better hurry up, for chef Oti's cooking class is about to start and you'll be helping her bake some tasty banana crumb muffins today!
   Play Banana Crumb Muffins     Download Thumb - banana-crumb-muffins.jpg     Download Swf - banana-crumb-muffins.swf
Come up with the perfect statement, funky bold, urban cool look for this skater girl here, adding the edgy fashion factor to her breathtaking performance on the ramp!
   Play Skater Girl Dress Up     Download Thumb - skater-girl-dress-up.jpg     Download Swf - skater-girl-dress-up.swf
This gorgeous young lady' on the guest list at that fancy VIP pool party taking lace this evening! Would you get her a stylish beach fashion look with a twist of fabulocity?
   Play Pool Party Dress-Up     Download Thumb - pool-party-dress-up.jpg     Download Swf - pool-party-dress-up.swf
Take the job as a waiter/chef in this luxurious five star restaurant here and impress all your picky high society customers with all your tasty, fancy dishes!
   Play Restaurant Rush Hour     Download Thumb - restaurant-rush-hour.jpg     Download Swf - restaurant-rush-hour.swf
Would you like to join this lovely mademoiselle on her major shopping tour in some of the most famous fashion capitals in the world? Then pick the first city to travel to!
   Play Vacation Couture     Download Thumb - vacation-couture.jpg     Download Swf - vacation-couture.swf
This sweetie is ready to brace herself for a flawless smile and to turn her new braces into her new fab accessory! Help her pick and pair them with a lovely make-up look, too!
   Play Trendy Braces     Download Thumb - trendy-braces.jpg     Download Swf - trendy-braces.swf
Step into the fantasy forest and cast your fashion spell upon the gorgeous nymph living there! Mix and match some of her superb fairy outfits with her exquisite accessories!
   Play Fantasy Forest     Download Thumb - fantasy-forest.jpg     Download Swf - fantasy-forest.swf
Give gorgeous Zendaya a complete makeover, pampering her skin, getting her a gorgeous make-up look and picking a stylish dress for her, too!
   Play Zendaya Coleman Makeover     Download Thumb - zendaya-coleman-makeover.jpg     Download Swf - zendaya-coleman-makeover.swf
Attend chef Oti's Spicy Chicken Broccoli cooking glass and learn all about preparing this tasty dish! Spot all the needed ingredients, chop them, mix them, then...
   Play Spicy Broccoli Chicken     Download Thumb - spicy-broccoli-chicken.jpg     Download Swf - spicy-broccoli-chicken.swf
Build the house of dreams out of... tiny lego pieces, carefully picking its cute little chimney, its roof, its lovely colored facade, its chic window frames and so on.
   Play Lego House     Download Thumb - lego-house.jpg     Download Swf - lego-house.swf
Imagine this adorable baby dragon here is your pet and that you're getting him well trained for a major skateboard competition! How would you style him up?
   Play Trained Dragon     Download Thumb - trained-dragon.jpg     Download Swf - trained-dragon.swf
Turn this lovely ice cream stand into the most popular one in the city, this summer! Put together the yummiest ice cream delishes and then serve them in no time!
   Play Ice Cream Delight     Download Thumb - ice-cream-delight.jpg     Download Swf - ice-cream-delight.swf
Be this fancy socialite's stylist and help her look her best and steal the spotlights, with her fashion combos, at each one of those glam events that she'll be attending!
   Play Fancy Socialite     Download Thumb - fancy-socialite.jpg     Download Swf - fancy-socialite.swf
Fashionize these two cute pooches here for their romantic date in the park, mixing and matching chic little doggy outfits and adorable puppy accessories!
   Play Summer Puppy Love     Download Thumb - summer-puppy-love.jpg     Download Swf - summer-puppy-love.swf
My oh my! You're now the lucky owner of a fancy luxury vacation villa with only one dream: getting it a fabulous beachy decor! Pick its walls, its roof, then a cool pool as well...
   Play Vacation Villa     Download Thumb - vacation-villa.jpg     Download Swf - vacation-villa.swf
Mind you don't disappoint this highly revengeful witchy queen here, Maleficia, and exercise your make-up talent for getting her a new awe-inspiring, Gothic-glam look!
   Play Maleficia     Download Thumb - maleficia.jpg     Download Swf - maleficia.swf
Dig through this girl's chic work out outfits and eye-catching, colorful accessories, and pull off the look that will help her set herself apart from all the ladies in her Pilates class!
   Play Pilates Girl     Download Thumb - pilates-girl.jpg     Download Swf - pilates-girl.swf
Style up this charming teen girl here for her fun outing in thew park with her adored pooch scanning through all her comfy chic and fancy edgy summer fashion items!
   Play Dog Walk Fashion     Download Thumb - dog-walk-fashion.jpg     Download Swf - dog-walk-fashion.swf