Christmas Cookbook

I bet that you, too, would love to spoil good old Santa and all your dear ones with a yummy, eye-tempting, Christmas special dessert this year, wouldn't you? If you cook it yourself, then the surprise would be double, wouldn't you agree? Nothing easier: simply attend this fun-filled, highly helpful cooking class, getting the Christmas cookbook cooking game started, and learn all the great cooking tips you need to know for baking some super tasty Christmassy treats!

Open your cookbook, after you've put on your imaginary apron, of course, and start taking all the steps indicated in the “Christmas cookies” recipe you have there! First things first: put together all the right ingredients for cooking your cookie dough. It won't be long till you come you the conclusion that this is probably one of the most inspiring Christmas cooking games that you've ever tried!Grab the measuring cup you have there and pour the indicated quantity of flour into the large bowl prepared for you on the kitchen counter, then add all the other goodies, as well, such as baking powder, salt, peper and incredibly flavored and highly aromatic cinnamon, too, the.... ultimate Christmas aroma, isn't it? Then, go on and pull off the next yummy mix putting together fresh butter, vegetable shortening and sugar, too. Move your cursor along the red on-screen arrow and next...mix the two creamy mixtures with some egg batter, too! Great, you would make your mommy so proud, for you're a such a quick learner when it comes to cooking a yummy, yummy Christmas dessert! Playing the best Christmas cooking games, like this one here, would turn anyone into a skillful pastry cook, wouldn't you agree? Get your dough rolled and ready for the cookies' sharpening part. You have the most popular Chrismtassy cake cutters there, such as cute Christmas trees, adorable gingerbread men and sweet Christmas angels, too, use them for sharpening your tasty cookies and then... get them colored up to you liking!

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