Lab Mouse

There's only one way for this little brainiac mouse to find his way out of this lab: solving some tricky math problems, doing some mind-challenging additions, subtractions and multiplications! With every math task that he'll manage to carry out he'll get to eat some yummy, yummy cheese-made cubes, growing stronger and... more capable to think of a solution to escape from this lab. Now he may be no usual mouse, rather a tiny math genius, but even so he would still appreciate some help from you, you know! Work out your brain muscle playing the lab mouse math game and do your best to solve all these exercises that your little friend has so solve in order to escape from the lab!

So, are you ready to put your mind to work? Then how about doing your warm ups solving some basic mathematical problems. Do you see that number there, on the bottom right corner of the screen, underneath the mouse's ear? Well, try figuring which of the cheesy cubes there, in the chart, each one featuring a different number, once summed up, would result in this specific number underneath your friend's ear? Is it “6”? Then you'd better click on two cheese-made cubes featuring, each, number “3”. You could as well, go for three cubes featuring “3”, “2” and “1” or try any other combination that would give you the indicated answer. Do all the right additions, keeping in mind the suggested result. If you first thought that this is just another one of those slightly dull, conventional math games for kids, by now you've surely realized that you were quite wrong. Once you've done these basic addition warm ups, go on and do all kinds of other math tricks which might imply multiplications and even subtractions, in order to reach the given answer. For instance, if the suggested final result is... let's say... 12, you could click on a cube featuring the number 6 andwith a tiny multiplication symbol added to, then on another cube featuring number 2 and there you have it, the result is no doubt 12. You could as well opt for another type of math hocus pocus and multiply 3 by 5 then subtract 3... The result is again: 12! Doesn't this game easily qualify for getting added to your top favorite math games list? The better you become, as this tiny lab mouse's helper, the more cheesy cubes he can eat and therefore the more chances he'll have to come up with the perfect solution for freeing himself out of this lab.

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