Oti's Carrot Cake

Lovely chef Oti's inviting you to attend her new cooking class, promising you to reveal all her best kept... carrot cake cooking secrets! Is this like one of your top favorite cakes in the world, too, could you never ever resist the temptation of having at least one single bite of this yum, yum delish? Well, then seize the chance of attending this already so famous pastry cook's class, and of learning all about one of her top secret cake recipes, all the tips and tricks you need to know and all the cooking techniques that you need to master for putting together this mouth-watering dessert playing the carrot cake cooking game!

Dare stepping into your charming looking trainer's kitchen, getting one of the most engaging cooking games for girls online started, and be quick to make the very best impression by impeccably carrying out the first tasks: breaking and dropping, into the large bowl you have there, all the eggs prepared for you on the kitchen counter. Next, it's time to prove to chef Oti what a quick learner you are by quickly spotting and putting together each one of the indicated ingredients needed for cooking the batter. I'm talking here about a few drops of oil, too, about the 2 teaspoonsof vanilla and the white sugar. You'll see, this is by far one of the most useful cooking games for girls that you've ever enjoyed! That's not all, your cake batter is not nearly ready to go into the oven before you haven't added the specified quantity of flour, too, some baking powder, a pinch of salt and one of cinnamon, too. It's only then that you get to add the key ingredient of this delicious dessert here: the carrots themselves... So, get readyo to grate them, one by one! Then, add the pecans, too, and pour the whole batter mix into the cake pan prepared for you there, on chef Oti's kitchen counter, but not before you haven't greased it with butter and flour, as well. After the baking part comes the... cake decorating part where you'll be having lots of fun adding the coolness, the eye-catching factor to your cake by customizing it with amazingly looking carrot-shaped frosting!

So, get ready to put together your major weakness for cooking games for girls with your addiction for super tasty desserts while playing the carrot cake cooking game!

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