Crazy Cookie Cooking

Who said that a super tasty dessert could not be super... hilariously looking, too? Who said that a yummy, yummy treat could not be so very cute, too? Break all these “dessert-related myths” putting on your imaginary baker hat and starting to decorate a lovely plate with lots and lots of funny, goofy and nonetheless eye-temptingly looking cookies, displaying them to your own liking. Play the crazy cookie cooking game, the game that you'll definitely add to your top favorite games for girls list, and put together an adorable dessert that would instantly bring a huge smile upon anyone's face!

First things first, through, before you rush in and pick the sweetest, goofy-faced cookies, you should prepare the “set” first. As a free cooking games fan, you must definitely be already accustomed to these major first steps. I'm referring here to the selection of a lovely chic, pastel colored table cloth, to that of a preciously looking porcelain plateau, it, too, in a nice color and maybe featuring an exquisite pattern, too! It's only then that you can go on and pick your crazy cookies! It won't be easy, though, for each one of those tabs will face you with the challenge you to pick just one single cookie out of lots and lots of funny-faced cookies and cupcakes! Go for a sweet gingerbread man, go for goofy looking cookies, in different colors, with big, big smiles upon their sugared faces, cute big, whipped cream eyes and chocolate made eyeglasses, covered all in colorful sprinkles, with tiny spaghetti-like hands and feet. They sure look tasty and they definitely look so very funny, too, so which ones will be the lucky ones to decorate your plateau? If you used to think that you had already tried all the most challenging free cooking games online, you'll be surprised to discover the “cute” challenge that this game will test your decoration skills with! Scan them all, choose them by colors, by flavors, by their goofy, marzipan little faces and the result cannot be but a highly adorable special cookie dessert!

You must surely agree that this is definitely not just another one of those dull, standard free cooking games that you can find online. If you're looking for some equally cute food decoration games, linger some more on our website and you'll find the rest of them, too!

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