Mother's Pie

This mommy's already super famous among all the kids in her neighborhood for her yummy, juicy, finger-licking good pies! She would always spoil her precious little ones and their playmates, too, with some of her tasty pies, paying attention, every time, to serve each child the type of pie that he/she loves best. Since today it seems like there's a huge crowd of kids swarming around her house, popping up at her kitchen’s window to see if they could convince her to spoil them with some of their top favorite mouth-watering pies, she would really, really need some help around the kitchen. Be her right hand playing the mother's pie food cooking game!

You already have one of her precious little pumpkins there, drooling in front of her kitchen window, already dreaming about that fantasy irresistible cheese, meat or fruity pie that he'll be spoilling his taste buds with! Quick, dust off your imaginary apron, getting probably one of the best cooking games online started, and step into this mum's lovely kitchen helping her fulfill the first kiddo's wish! It's a yummy apple pie that the little one would love to eat, so make sure you carry out all the cooking tasks suggested to you in those bubbles popping up on your screen. Make sure to mix the exact no. of sliced apples with the indicated no. of eggs, of spoonful of flour and so on. Once the batter is ready and the oven gets discreetly highlighted, go on and place your pie mix into the oven, waiting for the delicious pie to bake. Once out, be quick to serve it to that eager child waiting there in the background. Could you deny that this is one of the best cooking games that you've got the chance to enjoy online? Don't think that you'll be cooking only apple pies. No sir, pay great attention to those cooking indications showing up on your screen and select the cheese, the ham, the slices of pumpkin and the chopped carrots, respecting the indicated quantities, depending on the type of tasty pie delish that the cute child would love to taste. As you advance, as you sharpen your skills as a pastry chef specialized on... yummy pies, you'll have more and more kids to serve per level, so put all the efforts for being of a great help in the kitchen for this lovely mommy here, leaving no kid “unspoiled” with a yummy, yummy mouth-watering pie!

If you're always going for the best cooking games that you can find online, you'll definitely find this pie cooking class here one of the most helpful and engaging ones you've ever attended, challenging the baker in you to the max!

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