Froggy Jumps

This froggy here is the most enthusiast mathematicians on the lake and she's ready to prove to you that: math can be fun! That's right! This tiny leggy math-addict is looking forward to starting her jumping session, to hop from one water lily to another, and she's counting on you to help her avoid the risk of jumping into the water and enjoying an unpredicted splashy time! Put your brain to work and click on the water lily featuring the correct answers to all those additions, multiplications, subtractions and divisions popping up in the bottom of your screen playing the froggy jumps math game!

The on-screen froggy is filled with energy and so very ready to jump on the first water lily corresponding to the correct answer for the addition question popping up there! Consider all the possible answers and then click on the right lily, making your froggy friend show off her jumping skills! As a cool math games little “addict” you will no doubt adore all these mind teasing math puzzles that this froggy has in store for you! Keep clicking and you'll be helping her rejoin her friends waiting for her on the shore. Next, once you've proven your skills a additions little “brainiac”, go on and test your talent for solving all kinds of challenging divisions, multiplications subtractions and then some mixed math operations! Help your little friend stay out off the water, stay focused and put all the efforts for giving the correct answer to all those math questions. Don't let the answers neighboring the right ones, placed on the same line, trick you and fool you into clicking them and don't rush in to make your selection until you're not 100% sure that that's the right answer to your math problem! If you're already so very familiar with free online math games, you're the right one to seize the major differences between this fun, brain stimulating one and all the other common ones you might have tried so far. Also, keep in mind that your froggy's fun jumping session is time limited, her friends won't be waiting for her, on the other side of the lake, for a long time, make sure to solve all those math puzzles before you run out of time. All those numbers, all those different operations might get a little bit too confusing and slightly overwhelming, but your leggy friend is ready to add both the cuteness and the fun factor to this brain teasing math class, so not to worry: by the end of the game you will have definitely discovered that little math genius locked inside you!

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