Birds' Nest

Somewhere on the highest peak of a rocky mountain, that which only few humans and animals have ever reached, there lives a loving and caring mama eagle bird and her precious baby bird! They sure make such an adorable mommy-and-baby couple! Still, don't think that this bird's job as a mama bird is easy! No sir, she would really, really need a helping hand at carrying out her baby feeding tasks so, if you're willing to help, get the birds' nest management game started and make sure this little fellow here, still wearing his baby diapers, gets enough food in order to grow and turn itself into a strong and health eagle... one day!

It's a new day here, on this high, high mountain peak and this means it's breakfast time for our little baby eagle! Mama bird will go and bring some food for her adored little chick, but she won't make it without your help. So, are you ready to respond to the very first challenges prepared for you in what seems to be one of the most challenging free online management games that you've ever tried? First of all, carefully ready the game's instructions and learn all about using the arrow keys for controlling the mama eagle bird there, up in the sky, making sure that she flies like pro', that she does not get anywhere close to the sides of your screen, for she will then fall from the sky and hit the grown and, of course, that she grabs all those yummy preys put at her disposal. I'm talking here about worms, her precious little one's favorite snack and mice, its.. other top favorite type of dish! Use the up arrow whenever she runs the risk of hitting the ground, but make sure to hit the down arrow whenever she might get way too close to those clouds and therefore to the upper part of your screen. Pretty challenging for a game which falls into the free online management games for girls' category, isn't it? Click the left and arrow keys for helping her advance leftwards or rightwards, depending on the position of the “target” prey! Your reaction times will be greatly challenged, as well as your strategy skills, too, for you can't just make mama birds fly around, chaotically, but she has to constantly hunt down those little animals that will soon turn into a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner for her precious little baby bird. Good luck!

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