Snow and Spa

If you think that the dreadful cold outside has determined this gorgeous young lady here to get lazy when it comes to her regular beauty rituals, that she's waiting for spring to come for upgrading her natural beauty... then you're wrong. There is one beauty center in the city, “Snow and Spa”, where all the ladies, who love to defy the cold looking fabulous, go to these days and where this stunning beauty here is a regular customers! It's here that all the... magic happens! Would you like to be the beauty expert who'll get this mademoiselle's look from beautiful to... ravishing?

Which part of her flawlessly gorgeous face would you like to start with? How about focusing on tiny and yet so very important details such as the... eyebrows? Go for truly expressive, thick ones or for discreet thin ones, following your instinct as a make-up artist and beautician at the same time and next... add an infusion of color to her beauty! Since you're so very familiarized with makeover games for girls, you're the type of “expert” to effortlessly notice the major differences between this game here and all the other common ones you've tried so far! A rosy pink glossy lipstick or a burgundy red one is sure to make all the difference. If you opt for a sheer, barely there type of lipstick, feel free to get daring when it comes to applying the eyeshadow instead. A bold smokey eye look or a statement multicolored one featuring different hues of red and orange would definitely help her steal all the spotlights. A touch of blush, as well, and some well-defined eyelashes, loaded with mascara, will be perfect for finishing off her make-up look. Last but definitely not least, add some glitter to her look, while enjoying one of the most addictive makeover games for girls online, going for a pair of refined, exquisite pink pearl earrings or for some statement, geometric boldly colored ones. Get her a new chic hairstyle, as well, digging through all those trendy sleek A-line bob haircuts, through all those fabulous long-length curly hairdos, through all the lovely feminine side braided hairstyles, too, and she'll then be so ready to dash through the snow looking fabulists even when temperatures go bellow zero degrees!

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