Dinner Date

A new high class, so very luxurious, fancy restaurant has just opened in town and, as you can just imagine, couples have already started to flood in and spend some lovely romantic evenings here! You're the waitress who'll be attending to them all, preserving this resto's reputation as one of the places in town with irreproachable customers services. Get the dinner date management game started and face the challenge of attending to all these quite picky customers here! Here you have the first lovely couple entering the resto! They have great expectancies when it comes to the lovely evening to come, spent in a so very elegant, cozy refined ambiance! Make sure you don't ruin their fantasy of a memorable evening spent together in this fancy resto and that you're quick and efficient enough to respond to their every need.

There you have the first one: the wish bubble popping up above their heads is informing you that they'd like to check the menu so, be quick to grab it and bring it to them. There you go! Is this like one of the most engaging restaurant management games that you've ever tried or what! Next, once they've gone through all those exquisite specialties listed there, through all those refined foodies that this restaurant’s chef is already so very famous for, be quick to bring them the exact type of dish that they'd like to order, whether it's some yummy pasta, some tasty sushi or maybe a refined type of dessert. Meanwhile, while they're savoring their meal, you might be challenged to attend to other incoming clients, too, so stay focused and be ready to carry out other orders, as well. Don't leave them waiting too much or you might just spoil what was supposed to be one of their very special romantic evenings together and...get them red with anger instead. If you turn yourself to be a highly efficient waitress, they'll reward you with the valuable golden coins that will grant you the chance to... get to the next level. By the time you get to the second level you will surely come to the conclusion that this is one of the most fast-paced restaurant management games that you've ever played! The levels to come will give you the chance to unlock new and new types of foodies and therefore to make your job as a waitress in this luxurious restaurant even more... challenging. Good luck!

If you've always found restaurant management games so very entertaining ans highly engaging, expect to be challenged to work your skills as a super waitress even more, for we've hosting other catchy, demanding simulation games as this one here on Rainbowdressup, you know!

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