Granny's Pie

This weekend this granny's will be welcoming her two precious little grandchildren to her charming cottage and, as you can imagine, she's super excited about this special visit and so looking forward to hugging her beloved ones and spoil them big time. Speaking of that, she sure knows how to spoil those tiny ones' taste buds with all kinds of delicious, mouth-watering desserts that only she knows how to cook. Since her grandsons will be here any minutes now and she's running out of time, would you like to lend her a helping hand at putting together an eye-tempting pie décor playing the granny's pie cooking game? How bout starting your pie decorating session with the selection of a lovely designed crust?

Next, we could instantly get it such an irresistible, finger licking delicious décor look by simply adding some whipped cream puffs or some choco frosting on top. Can you already feel your mouth water? Well, hold on to your... mouse, for the challenge of the yummy, yummy selections' has just begun! In no time you'll realize that this sure is one of the most “challenging” free food decoration games you've ever played, especially for a sweets addict like you! Add some more color and great taste to granny's pie “to drool for” with the help of some multicolored sprinkles, then continue with the selection of the ultimate fruity garnish as well. Go for a refreshing, tasty mix of kiwi, strawberries and cherries or opt for a “cocktail” of grapes and oranges or... Next, complete your dream dessert by lending the sweet granny chef a helping hand at picking that super delicious topping that will dazzle away her dear little grandchildren the moment they spot the tasty surprise that their good old granny has put together for them! Pick a fruitties and whipped cream mix or go for a strawberries and blueberries mix or opt for some... chocolate treats to put on top instead. Yummy! Is this like one of the most engaging free food decoration games that you've ever played or what? Select the tasty, refreshing drink that would go best with a slice of this mouth-watering pie, whether it should be a tasty fruit juice or a cup of delicious hot chocolate and granny will be ready to welcome her beloved little ones and spoil them big time!

As a free food decoration games fan you will surely love scanning some more through our entire collection and discovering new and new “tasty” challenges that will test your creativity as a decorator as you'll upgrade lots and lots of already so very delicious dishes by getting them some eye-tempting décor looks as well!

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