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Dress My Teacher Up - Dress Up Games For Girls
Dress My Tea ...
How about turning the prettiest teacher in school into the most stylish one, too? Scan through her elegant knee-length skirts, silk blouses and ladylike accessories!
Play Dress My Teacher Up Download Thumb - dress-my-teacher-up.jpg Download Swf - dress-my-teacher-up.swf
Apple Piglet Cooking Show - Play Free Cooking Games For Girls
Apple Piglet ...
Put on your cook apron and get both your cooking and your food decoration skills tested preparing one eye-tempting, mouth-watering apple piglet dish!
Play Apple Piglet Cooking Show Download Thumb - apple-piglet-cooking-show.jpg Download Swf - apple-piglet-cooking-show.swf
Soft Angel Girl - Free Angel Dress Up Games
Soft Angel G ...
Would you like to be this lovely little angel girl's fashion adviser and get her a so very dazzling, exquisite chic look for a perfect day in seventh heaven?
Play Soft Angel Girl Download Thumb - soft-angel-girl.jpg Download Swf - soft-angel-girl.swf
Otis Cooking Lesson: Ratatouille - Cooking Games For Girls
Otis Cooking ...
Get ready to attend to one of charmingchef Oti's cooking classes and let yourself guided into cooking one of her super tasty, veggies-overloaded ratatouille dishes!
Play Otis Cooking Lesson: Ratatouille Download Thumb - otis-cooking-lesson-ratatouille.jpg Download Swf - otis-cooking-lesson-ratatouille.swf
Bridal Glam Make-up - Wedding Makeover Games
Bridal Glam ...
Glam up this lovely young lady for her major wedding day using your make-up talent and creativity for turning her into a sophisticated, ravishing bridal beauty queen!
Play Bridal Glam Make-up Download Thumb - bridal-glam-make-up.jpg Download Swf - bridal-glam-make-up.swf
September Cover Girl - Cover Girl Dress Up Games
September Co ...
Pull off the future "must-copy" winning autumn fashion look for this gorgeous supermodel here to sport on the cover of this well-known fashion magazine!
Play September Cover Girl Download Thumb - september-cover-girl.jpg Download Swf - september-cover-girl.swf
Fashion Look Secrets - Fashion, Look, Secrets, Style, Dress-up
Fashion Look ...
Enrich your fashion knowledge with all the must-follow fashion secrets, by styling up this lovely teen model and putting together some truly chic, winning fashion looks for her.
Play Fashion Look Secrets Download Thumb - fashion-look-secrets.jpg Download Swf - fashion-look-secrets.swf
Cute Long Hair Beauty - Long Hair Girl Dress-up
Cute Long Ha ...
Could this super cute long hair beauty look even cuter? Of course she can! Start scanning through all her girly chic little outfits and get her dolly look from cute to super chic!
Play Cute Long Hair Beauty Download Thumb - cute-long-hair-beauty.jpg Download Swf - cute-long-hair-beauty.swf
Pack For School - Free Hidden Object Games
Pack for Sch ...
Are you ready to go school supplies seeking? Look for all the needed pencils, books and notebooks then, scanning the bedroom and put together your school lunch bag, too!
Play Pack for School Download Thumb - pack-for-school.jpg Download Swf - pack-for-school.swf
Wedding Bliss Dressup - Play Free Wedding Games
Wedding Blis ...
Be this dashing bridal beauty's stylist and put together a superb, astonishing wedding look for her to charm both her guests and her handsome groom with!
Play Wedding Bliss Dressup Download Thumb - wedding-bliss-dressup.jpg Download Swf - wedding-bliss-dressup.swf
Swamp Frenzy - Play Free Skill Games
Swamp Frenzy
Welcome to these froggies' home swamp, a place where... fun never ends! Expect to have your skills challenged for feeding them, for entertaining them...!
Play Swamp Frenzy Download Thumb - swamp-frenzy.jpg Download Swf - swamp-frenzy.swf
Surprise Birthday Cake - Free Cake Decoration Games
Surprise Bir ...
Put together several cake layers, get them decorated with yummy bonbons, mouth-watering toppings, delicious whipped cream and all kinds of lovely, tasty cake toppers!
Play Surprise Birthday Cake Download Thumb - surprise-birthday-cake.jpg Download Swf - surprise-birthday-cake.swf
August Cover Girl - Online Magazine Cover Girl Dress Up Games
August Cover ...
Take the job as a fashion editor for this famous magazine and get the supermodel appearing on its cover this month, a jaw-dropping, stylish look!
Play August Cover Girl Download Thumb - august-cover-girl.jpg Download Swf - august-cover-girl.swf
Candyland Doll - Free Doll Dress Up Games
Candyland Do ...
Welcome to sweets' magic wold: Candyland! It's here that you get to style up the cutest baby doll that you've ever seen, getting her a lovely chic candy girl look!
Play Candyland Doll Download Thumb - candyland-doll.jpg Download Swf - candyland-doll.swf
Rock Singer - Rock Girl Dress Up Games
Rock Singer
Help this rock diva leave her entire audience mouth-opened with her rockish-glam, edgy look, that she'll sport while on on the stage, during her concert, tonight!
Play Rock Singer Download Thumb - rock-singer.jpg Download Swf - rock-singer.swf
The Glam Awards - Red Carpet Dress Up Games
The Glam Awa ...
Style up and glam up this astonishing red carpet diva for this glam awards ceremony, helping her stand out from the crowd of ravishing cinema divas attending it!
Play The Glam Awards Download Thumb - the-glam-awards.jpg Download Swf - the-glam-awards.swf
Jungle Cubs - Animal Caring Games Online
Jungle Cubs
These adorable little baby animals need all your love and affection, you know! They depend on you for getting fed, bathed, cured when they fall ill...
Play Jungle Cubs Download Thumb - jungle-cubs.jpg Download Swf - jungle-cubs.swf
Hot Beach Sandals - Play Online Decoration Games
Hot Beach Sa ...
Get creative and pull off some highly customized beach sandals going for the chicest, most lovely decorated straps, the perfect candy-colored soles and foot jewelry, too!
Play Hot Beach Sandals Download Thumb - hot-beach-sandals.jpg Download Swf - hot-beach-sandals.swf
Walking Mimi - Play Doll Dress Up Games
Walking Mimi
Mimi's looking forward for her walk in the park today with her two dear friends: her adorable kitty and her beloved doggy! Would you get her a girly chic look for this occasion?
Play Walking Mimi Download Thumb - walking-mimi.jpg Download Swf - walking-mimi.swf
Passion For Shopping - Free Shopping Girl Dress Up Games
Passion for ...
A new shopping spree at the mall is a new fashion challenge for this lovely teen shopaholic here! How about getting her all styled up for today's shopping marathon?
Play Passion for Shopping Download Thumb - passion-for-shopping.jpg Download Swf - passion-for-shopping.swf
July Cover Girl - Cover Girl Dress Up Games
July Cover G ...
Take the job as a fashion editor at this highly popular fashion magazine here and style up its July cover girl getting her a summery stylish, fancy fashion look!
Play July Cover Girl Download Thumb - july-cover-girl.jpg Download Swf - july-cover-girl.swf
Summer Flavored Cake - Play Cake Decoration Games
Summer Flavo ...
You have lovely table setting items, you have mouth-watering cakes, tasty berries, yummy looking whipped cream... put them together in a summer flavored cake!
Play Summer Flavored Cake Download Thumb - summer-flavored-cake.jpg Download Swf - summer-flavored-cake.swf
Charming Looking Fairy - Play Free Fairy Dress Up Games
Charming Loo ...
Step into the enchanted forest and style up or of the most charming looking fairies living there! Put together lovely miniskirts with fantasy chic tops with magic wands...
Play Charming Looking Fairy Download Thumb - charming-looking-fairy.jpg Download Swf - charming-looking-fairy.swf
Girl Next Door Dress Up - Girl Dress Up Games Online
Girl Next Do ...
This sweet looking girl simply adores the effortlessly stylish, "girl next door" fashion style! How about learning some of her best girly chic fashion style tips?
Play Girl Next Door Dress Up Download Thumb - girl-next-door-dress-up.jpg Download Swf - girl-next-door-dress-up.swf
Selena And Justin Wedding - Online Justin Bieber Dress Up Games
Selena and J ...
This sure is the wedding of the year and you'll get to participate not just anyhow, but... as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez' personal stylist! Get them both some stylish looks!
Play Selena and Justin Wedding Download Thumb - selena-and-justin-wedding.jpg Download Swf - selena-and-justin-wedding.swf
Mickey The Fantastic Mouse - Mickey Mouse Dress Up Games
Mickey the F ...
Lucky you, you're cute Mickey's personal fashion stylist! You'll get to enter his fantasy cartoonish world and get him some funky chic or sporty cool fashion looks!
Play Mickey the Fantastic Mouse Download Thumb - mickey-the-fantastic-mouse.jpg Download Swf - mickey-the-fantastic-mouse.swf
Precious Kitty - Cat Dress Up Games
Precious Kit ...
Style up this fashionable bundle of fur here and get her kitty look from adorably cute to... fancy chic, getting her a lovely baby doll dress, some ribbons...
Play Precious Kitty Download Thumb - precious-kitty.jpg Download Swf - precious-kitty.swf
Next Top Model - Online Top Model Dress Up Games
Next Top Mod ...
Be this gorgeous model's own fashion adviser and help her put together a jaw-dropping stylish, cutting-edge glamorous catwalk fashion look!
Play Next Top Model Download Thumb - next-top-model.jpg Download Swf - next-top-model.swf
June Cover Girl - Play Cover Girl Dress Up Games
June Cover G ...
Learn all about this month's must-follow fashion trends digging through this June cover girl's fabulous, summery stylish outfits, accessories and gorgeous hairdos!
Play June Cover Girl Download Thumb - june-cover-girl.jpg Download Swf - june-cover-girl.swf
Zoo Animals Differences - Online Spot The Differences Games
Zoo Animals ...
Enjoy a fun-filled, exciting visit at the zoo and make friends with all those cool wild animals there and winning their admiration with your great detective skills!
Play Zoo Animals Differences Download Thumb - zoo-animals-differences.jpg Download Swf - zoo-animals-differences.swf
Puppet Doll Supreme - Best Doll Dress Up Games
Puppet Doll ...
Children's Day is coming and this pretty dolly here can't wait to turn herself into one little girl's present! Would you style her up for impressing her new owner?
Play Puppet Doll Supreme Download Thumb - puppet-doll-supreme.jpg Download Swf - puppet-doll-supreme.swf
Kids R'Us - Kids Room Decoration Games
Kids R'Us
Show off your talent as an interior designer and turn this kiddo's room into that awesome Toys"R"Us bedroom that he's always been fancying about!
Play Kids R Download Thumb - kids-r-us.jpg Download Swf - kids-r-us.swf
Beach Fruity Snack - Food Serving Games
Beach Fruity ...
Get ready for another super busy day on the beach! You'll have plenty of tiny customers to attend to and spoil with the most delicious, refreshing beach fruity snacks!
Play Beach Fruity Snack Download Thumb - beach-fruity-snack.jpg Download Swf - beach-fruity-snack.swf
Bridal Beauty Makeover - Bridal Makeover Games
Bridal Beaut ...
Turn this gorgeous mademoiselle into a superb, so very stylish bridal beauty, pairing a polished, lovely make-up look with a stunning bridal fashion look!
Play Bridal Beauty Makeover Download Thumb - bridal-beauty-makeover.jpg Download Swf - bridal-beauty-makeover.swf
Farmer's Market - Farm Management Games
Farmer's Mar ...
Lend this farmer a helping hand at growing his veggies and supply his farmer's market with constant loads of fresh vegetables! Rake, hoe, seed, water, harvest...
Play Farmer Download Thumb - farmer-s-market.jpg Download Swf - farmer-s-market.swf
May Cover Girl - Play Cover Girl Dress Up Games
May Cover Gi ...
Be this supermodel's fashion adviser and get her a fab-stylish, springy chic fashion look, one that would make all this magazine's readers want to copy it!
Play May Cover Girl Download Thumb - may-cover-girl.jpg Download Swf - may-cover-girl.swf
Mother's Day Shopping  - Shop Management Games
Mother's Day ...
See if you manage to run this fancy fashion boutique at its "busiest" time of the year, around Mother's Day, and attend to all those fancy moms and chic teen daughters!
Play Mother Download Thumb - mother-s-day-shopping.jpg Download Swf - mother-s-day-shopping.swf
Egg Hunt - Easter Egg Hunt Games
Egg Hunt
Team up with this long-eared fluffy cutie here and help him spot all those cute, gorgeously painted little Easter eggs hidden away by his tricky animal friends!
Play Egg Hunt Download Thumb - egg-hunt.jpg Download Swf - egg-hunt.swf
Dancing Bunny - Online Easter Bunny Dress Up Games
Dancing Bunn ...
He sure is super cute, he's definitely the best dancer in the forest and where do you add that this adorable dancing bunny has a stylish Easter-special wardrobe, too!
Play Dancing Bunny Download Thumb - dancing-bunny.jpg Download Swf - dancing-bunny.swf
Cocktail Party Makeover - Cocktail Party Make-up Games
Cocktail Par ...
Being invited to one of the most exclusive cocktail parties in the city is no minor thing! Would you like to help this fancy young lady look so very dazzling sophisticated?
Play Cocktail Party Makeover Download Thumb - cocktail-party-makeover.jpg Download Swf - cocktail-party-makeover.swf
Savory Quiche - Free Cooking Games For Girls
Savory Quich ...
Ready to turn a common dinner into a feast? Then start cooking a delicious savory quiche! Step into the kitchen and learn all the amazing cooking secrets!
Play Savory Quiche Download Thumb - savory-quiche.jpg Download Swf - savory-quiche.swf
My Perfect Wedding - Wedding Management Games
My Perfect W ...
Walk into the shoes of a wedding planner organizing the perfect dream wedding reception for this charming bride then... getting her the perfectly stylish bridal look, too!
Play My Perfect Wedding Download Thumb - my-perfect-wedding.jpg Download Swf - my-perfect-wedding.swf
Tomboy Style Dress Up - Online Fashion Dress Up Games
Tomboy Style ...
I takes a lot of courage and creativity for building up top stylish fashion combos made of boyish clothes and girly chic, so very feminine outfits and accessories!
Play Tomboy Style Dress Up Download Thumb - tomboy-style-dress-up.jpg Download Swf - tomboy-style-dress-up.swf
Fashionable Bike Ride - Spring Dress Up Games
Fashionable ...
What could be more pleasant on a lovely spring day than a... fun fashionable bike ride? Help this cute teen girl pedal in great style sporting her lovely chic springy look!
Play Fashionable Bike Ride Download Thumb - fashionable-bike-ride.jpg Download Swf - fashionable-bike-ride.swf
My April Cover Girl - Cover Fashion Games
My April Cov ...
It's a circus-inspired theme that the April's issue of this fashion magazine will focus on! So, how about getting its cover model an extravagant, sharply colored look?
Play My April Cover Girl Download Thumb - my-april-cover-girl.jpg Download Swf - my-april-cover-girl.swf
Prints Charming - Best Fashion Dress Up Games
Prints Charm ...
This teen fashionista is crazy about prints, so get ready to find, digging through her wardrobe, cute polka dots, pretty floral patterns, bold geometrical prints...!
Play Prints Charming Download Thumb - prints-charming.jpg Download Swf - prints-charming.swf
Easter Egg House Cleanup - Easter Clean Up Games
Easter Egg H ...
Help this cute egg family get their house all sparkly clean for Easter bunny's visit! The front yard needs to be cleaned up, the kitchen will have to look spotless...
Play Easter Egg House Cleanup Download Thumb - easter-egg-house-cleanup.jpg Download Swf - easter-egg-house-cleanup.swf
Easter Bunny Cake - Easter Cake Decoration Games
Easter Bunny ...
Decorate your Easter bunny cake turning it into the cutest and by far the yummiest dessert that will bring a huge smile upon your loved ones' faces on Easter Day.
Play Easter Bunny Cake Download Thumb - easter-bunny-cake.jpg Download Swf - easter-bunny-cake.swf
Easter Cuteness - Easter Bunny Dress Up Games
Easter Cuten ...
Get this little bunny all styled up for Easter day looking for the perfect, lovely chic dress for the prettiest hat, the chicest jewels and the prettiest bunny shoes, too!
Play Easter Cuteness Download Thumb - easter-cuteness.jpg Download Swf - easter-cuteness.swf
Cake Decorator - Play Cake Decoration
Cake Decorat ...
Challenge your creativity as a desserts fan decorating this cake with all the fresh fruits, delicious bonbons, tasty whipped cream that will turn it into a... 5 star cake!
Play Cake Decorator Download Thumb - cake-decorator.jpg Download Swf - cake-decorator.swf
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