Egg Hunt

Grab your magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes, for your detective skills are needed! Who needs them? Well, the cute Easter bunny, believe it or not! His animals friends have played a tricky trick on the poor fluffy sweetie and have hidden all those nicely painted special Easter eggs that he was planning to deliver on Easter Day. So, are you ready to go.. hunting? Then get the egg hunt hidden object game started!

Here you have your bunny friend scanning a gorgeous sunflower for his lovely eggs! While he's busy scanning those golden yellow petals, how about you started doing your job as a detective, looking for the lovely painted little eggs making your way through all those huge plants there, scrutinizing the crystal blue sky, scanning through the vivid green grass and so on till ever one of those colorful Easter egg pops out, one by one? Ready to exercise your detective skills responding to the egg hunt challenge prepared for you in the second level of the Easter hunt hidden object game, too? Here you have the fluffy sweetie seated on a bench, enjoying a superb springy sunny weather and making friends with a birdie! Don't think that he's not still concerned about his missing Easter eggs! Your job is to spot them all, so make sure to... click, click, click on those lovely spring flowers, on those birdies in the background, on all those bushes there till you've tracked down all the cute painted special eggs. Aren't Easter egg hunt games such as great way of entering into the Easter spirit all while having your skills challenged, too? The last level will definitely be the most challenging, cuteness-packed one! Here you have all your bunny's best friends, the ones “responsible” for his missing Easter eggs, starting with the cute looking sheep, continuing with the cunning kitty and the cute little mouse. Make sure to click them, too, for who knows what you might find under their tails or feathery wings!

Play Easter egg hunt games on Rainbowdressup and practice your detective skills for spreading all that spring joy and Easter cheerfulness with ever little festive egg that you'll sport!

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