Cake Decorator

You simply cannot refuse this super famous pastry cook's invitation to attend one of his exclusive cake decoration classes! If you have a sweet tooth and especially an addition for... delicious cakes, but if you'd always appreciate a lovely cake d├ęcor and not just an amazing cake flavor, then you make the perfect apprentice,you know. Use your fantasy and dig up all the most amazing tips and ticks laying behind the art of decorating a super cake playing the cake decorator game!

I would say you should start testing your skills picking the free mode till you've sharpened them enough to take the test and get to the time mode! Once of the very first secrets that you'll be learning today, as a pastry chef's apprentice, is that: even the tiniest, apparently insignificant details make all the difference and can take your cake from a common yummy treat, to a truly exquisite five-star treat dessert! So, how about picking the loveliest cake stand first? Great! Here come the challenging steps of the cake decorator game: picking those yummy whipped cream, sugared or chocolate decoration items that will embellish and upgrade your cake! Feel free to place some yummy looking whipped cream on its very top or... go for some rainbow-like sprinkles! If you're one of those girls who love to play cake decoration games on a regular basis, I'm sure you'll be charmed by this one's eye-tempting, gorgeous graphics, am I right? Then, select a candy-colored striped candle, too! You could decide decorating it with refreshing slices of orange or maybe go for some bright red strawberries instead, and... add even more color, loveliness and amazing flavor to your supper desert! Don't forget about those chocolate bonbons that will instantly add it an extra touch of flavor and... refinement! Once you've exercised your talent playing in free mode, take the challenge of working your skills in... time mode!

Why should you settle for less, why should you play cake decoration games and cooking games that don't challenge your fantasy as a party cook, to the maximum? We have other similar games on our website, you know, waiting for you to test them and sharpen your cake decoration skills even more!

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