Farmer's Market

A brand new day means a whole new day of hard working around his little veggie farm for this farmer here! His long-term customers will soon be queuing up at the market for buying some of his famous juicy, vitamins-filled, fresh vegetables, so there' no time to waste, if the sun has just risen in the sky it's... veggies' growing time! Be his little assistant there, around the farm, enjoying the farmer's market management game!

Each new day brings a new target for you, a different kilo no. of pumpkins, tomatoes or... wheat! Make sure to memorize your goals listed there, on the tiny piece of paper on the right side of your screen, then start showing off your farming skills! The tools you'll need to use will immediately pop up on the little parcels there, so make sure to use the rake when suggested to you, to quickly grab the hoe when needed, to seed in the right seeds, whether they're pumpkin, eggplant or tomato seeds, to water them as frequently as indicated to you by the cloud sing showing up there, to use fertilizer on a regular basis and so on. Show those plants all your love and attention and they'll slowly but surely grow into some lovely tasty veggies ready to be harvested and dropped into the farmer's van! As he'll suggest to you now and then, while you're enjoying the farmer's market management, through that bubble popping up near his head, don't forget to watch the time you have left, for you wouldn't want to send your van at the market without al l the needed veggies and disappoint allthose regular clients of yours now would you! The better you'll become as a farmer, the more challenging the levels will get, the more new types of vegetables you get to unlock and therefore to... grow, too! You'll need to organize, to focus upon your targets, to put your reaction times to a real test and... enjoy maybe one of the most engaging farm management games that you can find online! So, ready to rake, hoe, water, seed, use fertilizer and harvest the very first veggies grown by you and you only and see whether the role of a skillful farmer suits you?

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