Mickey the Fantastic Mouse

He's the cutest, the coolest, the funniest and the most talented character in the entire cartoon world (and competition sure is fierce with Goofy, Donald Duck or cute Pluto as his main rivals)! Since you, too, are the most creative, most talented young stylist from the real world, you'd make a great team, you two. He'll be lucky to have you as his personal fashion counselor, the one who'll get him all kinds of funky chic, cool stylish fashion looks to pair his talent and cute looks with, and you, on the other hand, will be lucky to enter this little cartoon star mouse's dreamworld! So, what are you still waiting for: get the Mickey the fantastic mouse dress up game started!

A new day had just come in the fairytale-like cartoon world and Mickey's ready to... get right into the spotlights once again! What does he have in his super busy schedule today? A fun trip to... Paris maybe? Ooh la la! Then a black-and white french chic striped top would be perfect for him, don't you think? Get him a a pair of casual chic short pants and chic side cap and he'll be walking down the Champs Elysee just like a model down the fashion runway. Are you yet not convinced that this is one of the cutest Mickey Mouse dress up games that you could possibly enjoy online? Now, what if he's planned a fun outing, maybe a baseball or a football match with his close cartoon friends? Goofy will be there, even Tom and Jerry, so our tiny famous mouse here will have to wear something really chic, sporty chic, to stand out from the crowd of cartoon animal stars gathered there, on the field! Some stylish baggy pants, picked from all the comfy chic ones that you have in the Mickey the fantastic mouse dress up game, paired with a a sharp colored sporty t-shirt and definitely a cool cap, too, and some super cool, vividly colored sneakers would surely help him work out in great style with his best buddies. Get crazy, fool around a bit and add the fun factor, too, to all his cute fashion looks. Get him some cool vampire teeth or some goofy looking wide rimmed eyeglasses or an old-school monocular and customize all his chic looks getting them from lovely to... silly chic.

We're hosting lots of other Mickey Mouse dress up games on Rainbowdressup for you, you know! Therefore, seize the chance of fashionizing the celebrity carton mouse for other and other events form his busy schedule!

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