Easter Egg House Cleanup

The Easter bunny is soon to stop by this lovey egg family's house... too bad that the cute little eggs haven't yet finished cleaning up their lovely, colorful egg-shaped house. Maybe you could give them a helping hand with their spring cleaning up session! Play the Easter egg house clean up game and step into their fantasy egg house!

Oh, no, one thing is for sure: the Easter bunny cannot see the front yard as messy as it is now! Get the Easter egg house clean up game started and help the goofy looking egg gardener clean it up by picking up the clothes lifted up by the wind and hung on the roof or in the tree , putting back the newspaper into the mail box, collecting the lovely painted Easter eggs scattered everywhere in the grass there, and arranging them nicely into the Easter eggs basket that you have there and so on.... Now, do you think you could give the charming old cook of the house, too, a helping hand, while playing this funbig house clean up game? She's preparing the festive Easter lunch, but she would also have to clean up all that mess therein the kitchen. While she sips on her famous soup, getting it ready to be served, how about continuing the Easter egg house clean up game by collecting all those plates and glasses from the floor, how about placing all those pots onto the oven and the colorful eater eggs into the basket? Great! Your have only one room left, the dinning room and, your Easter egg house clean up mission here is done! While the lady egg and the egg lord of the house are enjoying their nice Easter special lunch, how about, discreetly and silently picking up those yummy fresh apples, placing the garbage into the dustbin, the umbrella where it should be, on the clothes rack there etc, etc.

Celebrate spring, celebrate Easter with our new fun-filled, engaging Easter egg house clean up game! Now, how does the idea of enjoying some awesomecelebrity dress up gamessound to you?

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