Jungle Cubs

Ready to go on a virtual safari right into the deep heart of the... jungle? You're desperately needed there, you know, for there's no one to run the jungle cubs nursery there, in the wilderness, and all those youngsters are left all along, with no one to look after them while their parents are out, hunting. Would you test your skills as a jungle animals babysitter playing the jungle cubs animal caring game, one of the most engaging games for girls online?

The game's tutorial is more than... clear-cut! You just need to pay attention to the wish bubbles popping up on your screen, right above the cute cubs' tiny heads and you'll know where exactly you need to drag and drop the baby animal. Is it a bubble bath that the baby puma there is dreaming about? Great, then just use your mouse to drag it onto the little bathtub you have there and then drag the candy pink soap onto the cub and... that's it. The rest will go all by itself, the soap will do its job all by itself, as well the the improvised leave-made shower, too! Is this like one of the most adorable, fast-paced animal caring games online that you've ever tried? Make sure you don't over spoil some of the cubs and neglect the rest of them! There you have a tiger cub trying to tell you that he's super hungry and that he would die for a piece of yummy, juicy stake. Be quick to drag him to the designated “food serving” area and to feed the little one. Also, they might get thirsty, they might get a little bit sleepy and need to take their baby naps, they might fall ill and you'll need to turn from a loving babysitter into a caring nurse and inject them their medicines. Just challenge your reaction times while playing the jungle cubs animal caring game and be super quick to make all their cubs wishes come true the very instant you see them represented in the wish bubble, there, right above their little heads.

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