Pack for School

Are you ready to put behind all the fun-filled days of summer and shout “Back to School”? Not really, right? Now what if I told you that getting ready for a brand new school year can be almost as fun as some of your favorite summer vacation spare time activities? You get to play the role of a young Sherlock Holmes, you get to embark on a thrilling adventure and solve the... mystery of missing items needed for your very first school day this year. Play the pack for school hidden object game and... show off your detective skills!

Imagine that you're running late for school, that it's your first day of school after a super fun, eventful summer vacation and... your backpack is still not ready! Quick, grab your imaginary magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes, and start scanning your bedroom for all those items that you need to take with you to school. There you have some colored pencils, there a notebook, there a pen and a book. Make sure to look into all the drawers which can be opened with one simple mouse click and to carefully analyze all those adorably looking toys, too, for they, too must be hiding a... pencil or two! Could you deny that this is one of the most challenging free hidden object games that you've ever tried? Once your backpack is ready, make sure to grab your school lunch. What do you do when you have a huge list of foodies that you'd like to enjoy during your school lunch break today, but they're all scattered all around the kitchen? You go looking for them! In no time you'll find your hot dog and your banana, too, and it won't be long till you've managed to spot the broccoli that your mom kindly told you to put in your lunch bag, too. Great! You sure are a super skillful little detective! Next, the final challenge of the pack for school hidden object game will be to track down other very well hidden school-related items, analyzing a super lovely image of some happy, joyful pupils on their way to school, in their dreamlike looking school bus!

We're hosting other equally cute and equally challenging free hidden object games on Rainbowdressup, you know! Feel free to track them all and... to exercise your detective skills even more!

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