Swamp Frenzy

It sure looks like such a quiet, peaceful little pond in the jungle interrupted only by the sound of birds' thrills and by all those buzzing little insects and it sure looks that today is going to be just another regular day around the swamp. Well... you're going to have the surprise of your life, I tell you that! There's a lot going on in this swamp, plenty of activities and a super busy life going on in there. Just get the swamp frenzy skill game for girls started and... expect to enjoy 5 adrenaline and exciting fun-packed levels!

They are by far the true “queens” of the swamp! Yes, I'm talking about those nosy little green froggies who're making a terrible noise especially at this time of the day when they get super hungry! Would you help them hunt some yummy insects? You only need to work your detective skills and your perspicacity for spotting all those colorful little insects hiding everywhere on and around the swamp area! Then, once your jar is filled with juicy, tasty... insects, get ready for feeding your new little froggy friends! Pay attention to each one's preferences, when it comes to insect “delicacies”, and be quick to serve them the wanted foodie! That's not all! If you play free skill games almost daily, then you must be really picky when it comes to their game-plays, right? What, I hope you did not think your day at the swamp would end here and you were going to miss all the real fun going on here now did you! Now that the little ones are all fed and feeling so very energetic, they feel like playing, too, and you do know what this means, don't you: a total swamp frenzy! They'll challenge you to play with them one of their top favorite games “whack a frog”, then they'll test your reaction times and encourage you to help them catch as many of all those mouth-watering falling insects as possible, by simply moving that water lily, the one that the froggy is floating on, left and right really, really quickly. Then, the froggies from the swamp frenzy will put your memory skills to a test, too, challenging you to turn around and pair those water lilies on your screen which feature the same type of insects or flowers, two by two! We're pretty sure that you did not even imagine that what seemed to be just another peaceful, boring day at the swamp would turn into a true... froggy madness!

Play free skill games on Rainbowdressup, for we're hosting others, too, as cutie cute and super challenging as this one here, and put your skills to some ultimate tests while enjoying some lovely, eye-catching graphics!

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