Zoo Animals Differences

Besides all that eating, running, bathing or just playing cute for the daily visitors, the animals at the zoo have just discovered a new kind of activity they're just crazy about these days: spotting the hidden differences! They would play this game all day long, so if you, too, are kind of addicted to playing the role of a tiny detective, feel free to join them, they're always open for welcoming new members to their group. Get the zoo animals differences game started and lend these cuties a helping hand at solving all these differences puzzles! Your tour at the zoo starts with the giraffes' cage!

Feel free to step in and, after you've made friends with the two long length, highly friendly wild animals, here feel free to show off your detective skills. Check their spots, don't let any one of those differences hidden in the grass or in the trees escape your vigilance, carefully scan the wooden fence and track and highlight all those differences one by one. Then, as you continue playing the zoo animals differences game, you get to stop by the hippos' little waterhole. While the large, chubby mammals are taking their long baths, how about you focusing on your “mission” that of spotting all the differences? Scan every little inch of the hippos' skin, starting with the horned animals themselves, continuing with their waterhole, the safety fence and so on. If you're kind of picky when it comes to online spot the differences games, you'll surely appreciate this game as being one of the most challenging ones you've ever enjoyed. The better you become at this, the more animal cages or round pens you get to step in and do your little detective “hocus pocus” while there, impressing all the wild animals with your outstanding detective skills. So, are you ready to make friends with some adorable hedgehogs now? They're relying on you to track down all the differences hidden in their habitat, too, you know!

This is just one of our super engaging fun online spot the difference games! If you're looking forward to trying others, too, equally challenging, keep scanning through our girl games collection!

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