Otis Cooking Lesson: Ratatouille

Welcome to Oti's first cooking class! Today the charming chef is about to share with you all her famous ratatouille cooking secrets, revealing to you all the ingredients listed in her secret ratatouille recipe and teaching you all about the right way to select them, to use those kitchen tools etc. So, put on your cook apron and show her what a quick learner you are!

Are you ready for a veggies slicing and chopping marathon? Then grab your on-screen knife and start getting all those fresh,vitamins-loaded vegetables ready for your super tasty ratatouille! If you're already more than familiar with cooking games for girls' game controls, its game-play will seem piece of cake to you! The first vegetable to get to steal the spotlight, there, on the cutting board, is the onion. Chop, chop, chop till you drop, then focus your “veggie slicing” skills on the new arriving vegetable: the eggplant. Move the cursor up and down the on-screen veggie and you will have it sliced and chopped in no time! There are many other ones waiting in line, you know, such as bell-peppers, onions, parsley or tomatoes. They're all super important if you want to prepare the authentic Oti's ratatouille, they're all vital for adding their amazing flavor to your veggie-based dish here! Are you enjoying yourself doing your cooking hocus pocus in Oti's lovely kitchen while enjoying one of the most engaging cooking games for girls online? Once you're done with the chopping, continue with the veggies's stir frying step. Pour just a few drops of olive oil, then drop in the veggies, one by one! Next, make sure to control the on-screen wooden spoon that pops up, moving the cursor along the green on-screen arrow, thus stir frying your yummy veggies and turning them, all put together, into one incredibly flavored, super delicious ratatouille, a true boost of vitamins for your body and a major spoil for your taste buds!

This is but one of all the highly engaging, super inspiring cooking games for girls that you can find on Rainboiwdressup, you know! Expect to have your skills as a chef tested even more and to discover new and new amazing recipes that you, yourself, too, can put into practice, with a few simple clicks for: “anyone can cook!”

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