Pea Soup Cooking


So, you are familiar with the Italian cuisine, with the French one, maybe even with the Japanese one, but what about the Dutch one? If you want to try totally new flavors and aromas, start playing thepea soup cooking game!

Again, chef Pinky will be your trainer, she will disclose to you the hidden secrets of the Dutch cuisine. If you pay attention to her indications, the ones that you can read on the top left side of the screen and you drag and drop the right ingredients from that fully equipped kitchen, you cannot go wrong. Ok, so what do we begin with when we start playing the pea soup cooking game? Well, of course, if we are to cook a soup, we need a stock pot to boil the water in, obviously. So, drag and drop the pot on the stove, then search for the pea can. Where can it be, where can it be? Use the helping arrows you have at the bottom of the page and see, maybe you will find it in the cupboard. Eh, voila! Have you ever imagined cooking can be just the right mouse click? Let Pinky be your cook trainer and make sure you get some useful cooking tips from this pea soup maker.

What's your favorite meal? They are said to be the most dangerous enemies of our silhouettes, but we surely love them once in a while! Cook some delicious spaghetti playing theshrimp pasta cooking game .

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