Cinderella Kitchen Cleaning

Could you say no to sweet baby princess Cinderella? She's begging you to help her get the lovely kitchen in her big, dreamlike castle, spotless clean again before her mommy and daddy, the queen and king themselves, come home! She's practiced her cooking skills, eager to bake her parents a surprise anniversary cake, and turned the kitchen into a major mess! Quick, help her throw away all the leftovers lying on the kitchen floor, then use the broom that you can find there for removing all the stains. Next, you should really focus on the stained, awfully dirty oven, as well! Grab your sponge and start covering those nasty looking stains in foam, then rinse if off and focus on another strained part of the oven, getting it spotless clean in no time! Keep up the good work and you'll get baby princess Cinderella’s kitchen sparkly clean again in no time!

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