Christmas Tree Cookies

Besides cool toys and trendy chic kids clothes and accessories Santa's planning to drop a tasty cookie or two (or more) in some of his Christmas gifts (for rewarding those kids which have been really, really good this year with, you know)! Since he's terribly busy around this time of year, his most reliable little helper, one of his cute elves, has decided to bake and decorate those surprise Christmas cookies for Santa herself. Willing to lend her a helping hand enjoying the Christmas Tree Cookies game?

Ready to join our sweet little Christmas Elf... ingredients shopping? She has a quite long shopping list hat she should stick to in order to buy all the needed ingredients listed in Santa's famous Christmas Tree cookies recipe! So, scan those shelves in the supermarket and look for the flour, the eggs, the sugar, the baking powder... Once in Santa's cozy chic kitchen (such a cute festive Christmas d├ęcor!), help the lovely elf pastry chef put together the cookie batter by mixing all the suggested ingredients, such as the butter, the white and then the brown sugar, in that big bright bowl put at your disposal on the onscreen counter, then keep in mind to grab the hand mixer, as well, and to mix all those ingredients through and through... It could easily become one of your future top favorite Christmas cooking games couldn't it? Keep up the good work and in no time you'll get to the truly fun part of this Christmas cookies baking session here: decorating those Christmas tree-shaped treats, getting them such an eye-tempting, adorable Christmassy look! Bravo! Next, what would you say about helping your cute elf friend here put together another great surprise for good old Santa, as well: decorating Santa's own Christmas tree, for the poor thing's very busy getting all the presents ready by Christmas Eve, you know (and there sure are a lot of wish lists to be read and gifts to be wrapped!)

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