Rudolph and Elsa in the Frozen Forest

Oh, no! Have you heard the latest news coming from Arendelle? Queen Elsa and her dear friend, Rudolph, have got lost in the frozen forest! Well, they're OK now, they've managed to find the right path, which led them out of the woods, but now both of them are unrecognizable. How could they show up at Elsa's icemade castle, where everyone's waiting for them, at the Christmas Eve ball, looking as they do now: all covered in bruises, dirty and with their hair/fur completely disheveled? No one will recognize them! So, this Christmas your special mission will be that of giving Elsa and Rudolph a head to toe/hoof makeover enjoying one of your future top favorite Frozen Elsa makeover spa games.

Would you like to start working your skills as a beautician on the once so beautiful queen of Arendelle, Elsa herself? Get her face deep cleansed, then apply a soothing facial mask, too, next focus on all those nasty looking pimples that her once flawless facial skin's now completely covered in, remember to redefine her eyebrows, too, then... Next hurry up to give goofy-cute Rudolph a complete pampering, too! His fur definitely needs a major shampooing and trimming session, his teeth need to be brushed through and through, as well... Once the two friends, the belle of Frozenland and her dear reindeer friend, are both looking so very polished, go ahead and get them styled up for that glam Christmas Eve ball that they're getting ready for in fact! Just admit it: this is one of the most impressive Frozen Elsa makeover spa games that you've recently enjoyed! Help Elsa pick either a superb, floor-sweeping blue gown or a lovely chic full-skirt babydoll-like, pick her sparkly crystal jewels, style up her gorgeous long golden locks, as well, then make sure to get Rudolph, too, properly accessorized for the big event: a boldly colored chic winter scarf and a Christmassy harness would be just perfect for him! Now Elsa and Rudolph are ready to make their spectacular entrance in the castle's majestic ball room and to leave everyone... mouth-opened!

Do I sense a Frozen Elsa makeover spa games fan? Then you'll surely be pleased to discover that we've put together a whole collection of games starring the queen of Arendelle and challenging you to pamper her from head to toe!
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