Barbie Super Princess

Have no fear, superheroine Barbie is here! Still, she can't face all those villains threatening to turn Dollsville into a hell on earth! She may have her own superpowers, but when it comes to getting herself a jaw-dropping, confidence-boosting heroine fashion look, she's counting on your own fashion super skills! So, hurry up, an entire city is counting on her to... save the day! Dig through all her funky cool leather jackets, opting either for a candy-like pink or for a rockish dark back one, look through her fancy, glittery, boldly colored corset bodices, too, or feel free to style her up in one of her lovely chic super princess dresses, instead, if you like them best, then go ahead and check out her sharply colored, liquid leggings and her entire collection of attention-grabbing, spectacular capes, as well. Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the most impressive Barbie princess dress up games online? A picture perfect, comic book-inspired hairstylist and some funky, shinny boots and Barbie super princess will be so ready to... save the day in style!

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