Santa at the SPA

A highly busy period awaits good old Santa (with all the wish lists to read and all the Christmas presents to put together and to lovely wrap, with the long, long, exhausting Christmas Eve trip to take...), so Santa's made an appointment to the... spa center, the fanciest one at the North Pole in fact! Now guess who'll be attending to him there? You, of course! So, get the Santa at the Spa game started, one of your future top favorite Santa Claus games for girls, and give Santa a head to toe pampering, helping him relax and fill in his batteries before the challenging days to come!

Santa's full-body pampering starts with a well-deserved back massage! Pour all those warm relaxing and skin perfecting body oils onto Santa's back and handle the two hands on your screen for messaging them into Santa's skin, relieving all the stress from his muscles. Next, it's time you worked you skills as a beautician, too, perfecting Santa's complexion, giving him a new self confidence-boosting look! Start by getting his face deep cleansed, using that special face washing foam put at your disposal, then apply the deep-nourishing facial mask all over Santa's face, too, which will help his skin handle the blistering cold on Christmas Eve (when he'll be out all night, delivering presents to good kinds all over the globe) better, remember to remove all those nasty looking pimples, to define his bushy eyebrows, and so on. Not many of the fun Santa Claus games for girls that you've enjoyed so far challenged you to step into the shoes of Santa's personal beautician, right? Next, how about stepping into the shoes of Santa's most reliable elf and helping him fill in his huge sack with... Christmas gifts? Last but definitely not least you'll get to style up Santa for the most important evening of the year, as well! Help him try on some of his chicest bright red (some of them white fur trimmed, red-and-green or snowflakes patterned) outfits and Christmas special accessories (such as jingle bells-adorned boots and a fluffy Santa special hat, as well) and remember to help Santa decide upon the long, bushy beard that suits him best, as well!

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