Country Cuisine

Take an imaginary trip to China and learn all the most hidden secrets behind the most famous, delicious Chinese recipe: egg rolls. You have the cutest and by far one of the most talented little chefs in the world as your personal trainer, just get the country cuisine cooking game started and put your cooking talent to a test!

This yummy recipe's super flavor and amazing taste relies in all the fresh, vitamin-filled veggies that you have to use for cooking this chinese dish. First of all, use the on-screen knife to cut the cabbage, getting thisfun online cooking gamestarted, next use your cooking skills to grate that delicious carrot you have there. Great! These aren't the only fresh veggies you'll need to get ready for putting together your yummy meal. Your still have the ginger, the onion and all the other veggies waiting in line for you to pick them and get them cut or chopped. Once all the vegetables are ready, make sure you add even more flavor to your chines dish pouring some olive oil, too, then mix them all into a large bowl, into that one displayed on your screen in this fun world class chef cooking game, making sure that you stir them just like a really talented, famous chef would. Bravo! Keep reading your personal cooking trainer's indications, playing the country cuisine cooking game, and cut by cut, slice by slice you will prepare your yummy eggs rolls, digging up all the secrets of this amazing chinese recipe!

Play the country cuisine dress up game and learn all the great cooking tips and tricks of this worldwide known Chinese recipe, then out your cooking talent to even more tests, playing other funcooking gameson our website!

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