Thanksgiving at the Palace

What, you didn't think know that Thanksgiving was celebrated in the fairytale world, as well? Well, it sure is and it's sweet little princess Sofia the First's top favorite holiday, for instance, you know! For her getting into the right festive mood means cooking her famous stuffed turkey for the special family dinner and this is what she's about to do right now, with a lot of help from you, of course! So, get the Thanksgiving at the Palace game started, no doubt one of the most engaging Thanksgiving turkey cooking games that you will have enjoyed these days, and assist lovely chef Sofia in the kitchen!

Well, in fact, it's not just in the kitchen that you'll be helping our little princess here, you know! You'll get to join her at the royal supermarket, as well, helping her buy all the needed ingredients for her so very special festive dish: the turkey itself, definitely, onion, celery, carrot, lemon, salt, pepper... Next, step into chef princess Sofia the First's lovely kitchen, at her dreamlike palace, and help her gather all the right ingredients for preparing the turkey stuffing, first of all. You'll be needing some chopped onion and garlic, some sliced carrots, of course, some celery, thyme and lemon, too, for boosting the Thanksgiving turkey's aroma and so on. I bet you haven't tried a lot of Thanksgiving turkey cooking games online starring lovely princess Sofia herself, at a chef, right? Once you've put them all together and used them for stuffing your turkey, remember to season it, too, sprinkling salt and pepper! Awesome, princess Sofia's really grateful to you for being so eager to help her with this Thanksgiving special cooking session! Once your turkey (or I'd better say “Sofia's Thanksgiving turkey) is out of the oven and looking so very mouth-watering, go ahead and help her put together a really eye-catching, festive chic table décor, too, thus impressing her dear ones: look for the perfect plateau, carefully choose all those exquisite porcelains plates that you’ll be placing all the other eye-tempting foodies that Sofia and her family will be savoring the turkey with, next...

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