Minnie Mouse Chocolate Cake

It's adorable Minnie Mouse's birthday today and so she's invited all her closest cartoon friends to her house to a fun party! There's going to be a lot of chit chatting, plenty of dancing and a lot of... cake eating, as well, definitely! Now speaking of that, since sweet Minnie is not much of a pastry chef, she's counting on you to help her bake and decorate the eye-tempting super birthday cake that will leave all her guests... drooling the moment they see it. So, get the the Minnie Mouse chocolate cake cooking game started and let the baking fun begin!

Before you go ahead and dazzle away cute Minnie Mouse with your outstanding cake cooking and decorating skills, you'd better join her at the supermarket, for she hasn't yet managed to buy any of the ingredients listed in the recipe! While there, be quick to find the vanilla extract bottle, placed on one those shelves, in the blink of an eye, the flour bag and the egg box, as well, then look for the... As soon as you've bought all the ingredients on your shopping list, it's time you join Minnie back to her house and into her lovely kitchen and to let the cake cooking frenzy begin! You'll see: this might just be one of the catchiest cake baking and decoration games that you've recently enjoyed! First of all drop the sugar into the candy-like-pink blender that you have there, on the kitchen counter, next break and drop in the eggs, then pour a few drops of vanilla extract, too, some salt, as well, and turn it on, letting it blend all your ingredients together... Next, keep mixing ingredients into the large bowl popping up on the counter and then pour the resulting chocolate-flavored batter into those two cake pans that you have there... Once you've baked Minnie Mouse's mouth-watering, eye-catching birthday cake, you'd better rush in to decorate it, as well (for her friends should start to arrive at her house any time now): set loose all your creativity as a cake decorator and get Minnie's super cake covered in colorful sprinkles, mouth-watering creamy topping, garnish it with finger-licking good fruits and bonbons and pay great attention to the tiny details which will make all the difference, such as the exquisite cutlery and the lovely plateau, as well!

Now that you've helped sweet Minnie Mouse cook her impressive chocolate cake, how about lending other cuties a helping hand with their special desserts' baking and decorating part, enjoying all the other cake baking and decorating games that we're hosting for you on Rainbowdressup?
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