Spooky Cake

Oti's getting ready for Halloween! She's decided what scary-cool costume she'll wear, what dark-gloomy make-up she'll opt for and now it's time for her to practice her baking skills and cook that awesome Halloween cake that's sure to send chills down her guests' spines, but which will definitely over-spoil their taste buds, too! Would you lend her a helping hand at cooking her surprise Halloween treat getting the Oti's Cooking Lesson: Spooky Cake cooking game started?

Are you ready to... bake? Then you must be ready for the first cooking step to take: slicing that fresh butter you have there, on Oti's wooden kitchen table, anddropping the piece of butter into the empty bowl prepared for you there. Add some sugar, controlling the on-screen measuring cup and... mix them using the electric mixer put at your disposal. Next, add some more goodies to your cake mix: some eggs, a few drops of amazingly flavored vanilla, some baking soda, as well as fresh milk, making sure to use the electric blender each time the on-screen purple arrow indicates it to you! Is this like one of the most engaging Halloween cooking games for girls that you've ever played or what? Once your cake dough is ready, prepare your cake pan, by getting it greased with the remaining butter, then place the dough into the pan and then into the oven. Voila, as simple as that! The next cooking steps will be a true challenge for your creativity as a pasty cook, but most of all asa cake decorator! Slice your cake and fill its layers with colorful, yummy looking cream and then let the Halloween cake decoration mania begin! This is not one of those ordinary cooking games that you can find online, but a 2-in-1 cooking and food decoration game, you know! Mix and match those chocolate made little worms, those cadaverous green marzipan zombies, those sugared little scary monsters and other yummy, ghastly looking cake decorations and complete your Halloween spooky cake's décor!

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