Perfect Dancer

If you're a very good dancer, there are always new moves for you to learn and get even better. If you're a bad dancer, then play the perfect dancer game and I assure you you'll a dancing queen from now on!

If you want to learn some great moves, you definitely need to have a very skilled teacher. In thislearn to dance game you have one of the world's best choreographers. All you have to is pay attention to her moves. So, does she jump? Press the orange arrow, quickly! Has she just moved to the right? Press thepink arrow! The cool thing is that when you play this learn to dance gameyou can actually feel you're getting better at it. It gets more and more complex, the choreographer starts to move several moves at a time and you have to copy her. Now, tell the truth, girls; isn't this learn to dance game much more efficient than those boring dance classes you have been taken with no results? Now, pay attention to your teacher. Has she just moved to the left? Which is the arrow you have to press? No, wrong move! Don't worry, even if you make mistakes, still you can have a lot of fun and anyways no body is perfect the first time! Have fun playing this perfect dancer game.

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