Jungle Musician

Have you always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument? Now you have your chance! Meet the cutest music teacher playing thejungle musician girl game!

Mind you don't underestimate this adorable little monkey's skills as a musician. It is really talented, so you can be sure you get to learn from the best. What will be the test your will have to pass in the music course you attend playing the the jungle musician girl game? Pay attention to the keys he hits and try to repeat after him, in the same sequence. Funny, isn't it? Look at his cute face, how glad he is you got it all right! He can tell you are a quick learner! Make sure you go through all the levels and that by the end of the course, I mean the online girl game, you will be able to play the xylophone like a professional musician.

OK, so now that you've discovered your innate musical talents, how about you check out your dancing skills, too? Start playing thedancing bug game!

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