Disney Dance Dunkoff

You all agree that basketball games are great not only because of the incredible players, but due to the spectacular show of the dancers, isn't that true? Now you have great basketball and great dance moves in one single game: the Disney dance dunkff game!

Thedance dunk off flash game is a really complex game, with more level you will have to go through, several tasks you have to fulfill. I assure you, you won't get bored, for there's always something new that you discover. First, you need to pick your dancer, your dunker and the color of your team. At this point you have reached the fun part of the dance dunkoff flash game, the ones where you have to pay attention to the letters there, on the background and press the correct key on your keyboard so that you can get your dancer groove. Man, and how he can groove, like no other! Imagine that you're making him dance like that! A super cool game, this dance dunk off flash game, isn't it? Now, since I told you there will be surprising element you will discover while you are playing, check out this: if you click on the red card, your team get a super important bonus.

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