Dancing Bug

You cannot believe your ears! That popular girl has just invited you to her party? Learn some dancing moves playing the dancing bug game!

I tell you it's incredibly easy! With a simple click on the buttons there, on the top of the page of thebug dance game you can make the little fellow dance sing like any other multitalented HSM celebrity! Can you follow those groovy moves? You have to admit the bug from this bug dance game is equally super funny and super talented. There's your chance to learn several styles of dance and to learn to sing some super cool hits. I am sure you will rock the floor there at that party, you will surely be the artist of the night! Check out those turns, those break dance moves! You cannot deny that this dance teacher from the bug dance game is the coolest and the cutest one you have ever had!

Yu have the moves, you have even trained your voice, but the question that remains is: what are you going wear at the party? Oops! Don't panic, play theparty girl dress up game , now!

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