Smelly Feet Makeover

Sweet Robin is so nervous! She's actually going on a romantic date with one of the most handsome boys in her school, one that all the girls would just dye to date and... she's super ashamed of her feet! This calls for a pedicurist hero like you to help her get rid of those nasty foot odors and get her toenails a new chic polished look, too! Get her nails cut and cleaned, then get her feet soaked in lukewarm water, where you've poured a few lemon drops, too, and sprinkled some baking soda, as well. These two wonder ingredients are known for their antibacterial and skin softening properties. It's only then that you can go on and express your creativity as a nail artist! Could you deny that this is one of the most useful fun makeover games that you've ever played, so hepful for getting your own toenails, too, a fabulous look? Go for a sharply colored nail polish or for a patterned one, get her an eye-catching, fabulous foot bracelet, as well, and then... step into her dressing room and get her a pretty, pretty, super chic fashion look as well, to impress her date with!


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