Cute Mermaid Makeover

She may be the prettiest mermaid on the bottom of the ocean, but even though, for that huge ball organized by Poseidon, god of the sea, she'll have to go from cutesie cute to fabulously stunning. Be her personal stylist now playing the cute mermaid makeover game!

Any beauty ritual, and this dashing mermaid here is no exception, starts with a through and through cleansing session. Apply the indicated cleanser that you have there, then rinse it off and get ready for using all the other beauty tools put at your disposal in the cute mermaid makeover game! Her underwater fairytale world is filled with such wonder beauty products, such as seaweed masks and fabulous tiny sea stars that will help her skin regain its old glow. Keep cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating her face till she looks impeccably glowing, ready to outshine all the other ocean beauties attending Poseidon's ball tonight!

There might be so many fairytale makeover games online, but how many of them feature such dazzling mermaid beauties?

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