Sandwich Wraps

They definitely make one of the tastiest quick to eat type of snacks whenever you don't have much time at your disposal for satisfying your hunger! Yes, I'm referring to sandwich wraps, and yes, you're about to discover all the cooking secrets for preparing these yummy, yummy snacks as quickly as you say “wraps”! The first major cooking step that you'll get yourself familiarized with will be the tortilla dough cooking one. Mix some all purpose and wheat flour with baking powder, a few drops of oil, some fresh water, too, and stir your mix using the on-screen spoon you have there. Since you must be one of those girls who've already played lots and lots of awesome cooking games online, you'll easily notice that this one here... makes the difference! Once you've rolled and sliced your dough and you've completed the first stage of this sandwich wraps cooking class, you'll be filling them in with all kinds of mouth-watering goodies. Then, you will be learning to cook the special ranch dressing and last but surely not least, you'll get to serve your tasty snack! Have fun!

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