Creepy Halloween Cake

Could one dessert look both scary creepy and so very mouth-watering and eye-tempting at the same time? Of course, if we're talking about this creepy Halloween cake here, the perfect delicious Halloween-ish treat to spoil yourself on this special night and... on any other occasion, as well. You really need to learn how to cook it, since it's so unbelievably easy, too! Mix the first ingredients nicely arranged in all those bowls there, on the on-screen kitchen table: sugar, cocoa, butter, eggs etc. We're pretty sure you've played lots and lots of online cooking games so far, so you will surely seize the difference between this game here and all the other common ones you've ever enjoyed. Once they're all there, in the same big bowl, go on and move the cursor as indicated for controlling your hand mixer. Keep pouring, mixing and blending and get ready for placing your cake mix into the oven for a few seconds. Once you take it out, have it decorated with yummy creamy topping, as suggested through that text-line on your screen!


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